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Wu Song

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Taking a long breath, Xiahou, who was sweating profusely, fixed his eyes on the research room and was attracted by the three-legged round tripod in the middle of the hall. The tripod is about five meters high, blue in color, with numerous images of mountains, rivers, vegetation and monsters carved on it. There is a faint moist light emanating from the body of the tripod, which is dignified and solemn. In Xiahou's view, the tripod stands there, and the whole space has been controlled by it. Is that what you're working on? Ignoring thousands of elite soldiers around, Xiahou asked with a frown. A gaunt old man of Jewish descent jumped out and screamed, "Yes, that's what we're working on!"! I don't care which country you are from, I don't care what you are here for, please don't destroy anything here! Otherwise, you are committing a crime against the progress of human civilization! This tripod, which contains scientific and technological information, exceeds the Earth's current technology for at least 100,000 years! Xiahou shook his head: "My purpose is to take away the information or destroy here.". Well, a hundred thousand years? Xiahou suddenly understood why the message from the inside line was so urgent. Now on the earth, if any country has mastered the science and technology beyond the earth's civilization for 100000 years, the impact on other countries is self-evident. The old man screamed, "No, if you want to destroy these things, then you have to step on my body!" " Xiahou nodded and said earnestly, "No problem!" Kicked out,water bottle packaging machine, the old man had flown more than ten meters away, fell to the ground and shouted. I heard the old man screaming: "You damn soldiers, violent people, war maniacs, you stop him!"! Stop him! The soldiers looked at Xiahou cautiously and did not move. Xiahou scratched his forehead helplessly and said, "I'm sorry, old man, but it seems that the defense force of your newly formed base is not enough to do anything to me.". Frankly, you have a whole nation of superpowers who have been defeated by me or my colleagues, so it's impossible to rely on them to stop me. The old man jumped up violently, not knowing where he got such abundant vitality. He tilted his head and looked at Xiahou as if he had suddenly thought of something and said with a smile, "Ah, I've thought of it. You can't destroy things here.". All the materials and instruments here belong to the United States of America. If you dare to do anything here, it will be a very serious diplomatic incident, Edible oil filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and even war may break out. You can't do that. Xiahou spread out his hands and said frankly, "Maybe you don't understand what's going on between us.". But the mutual actions of superpowers will not lead to war. I entered your base violently, but the supers in your country have done the same thing. We have a tacit understanding that this small-scale conflict will not lead to too many disputes, at most another economic sanctions, but now that everyone has joined the WTO, who cares about this? The little old man screamed, "But you've taken away something that could change the course of civilization on Earth!" Xiahou tilted his head and looked at the big tripod. He frowned and said, "But I'm surprised. This tripod seems to be made in China." The little old man was at a loss for words for a long time before he said, "But now it belongs to us. At least, I spent $70 million to buy it from a cultural relic smuggling gang." Xiahou Meng nodded: "Aha, then, you are the first to break the law.". According to the relevant laws of Interpol, this thing still belongs to our country. At most, we'll give you back $70 million. However, please hand over all the information. After hesitating for a moment, Xiahou stared at the big tripod for a long time and said with a wry smile, "Damn it, how can I take this thing away?"? Destroy it? What a pity. After hesitating for a long time, Xiahou still couldn't think of a way to deal with it, but the old man said proudly, "You can't take him away, nor can you destroy him.". But strangely enough, when we first started studying it, it was only fifty centimeters tall. As we accidentally put high voltage current into it, it gets bigger and bigger.
Well, I wonder what it will be like when the nearby nuclear power plant is completed next month and the energy of the whole plant is transferred to it. Absorb energy? Bigger? The origin of this round tripod is not simple! Taking a long breath, Xiahou gritted his teeth and hummed, "You can report to your boss that I took this treasure away smoothly.". Well, it's because you're too incompetent, not because I'm too good. He turned into a yellow light and rushed at the big tripod. Anyway, try it first. The weight of the five-meter-high bronze tripod is not too scary. Take it, start the earth dun, should be able to run more than 100 kilometers smoothly. Seeing that Xiahou was about to touch the bronze tripod, a very strong white light shot down from a high place and penetrated his chest. Yellow earth yuan Li did not play any protective role, Xiahou's right chest was penetrated by a transparent hole as big as the mouth of a sea bowl, a trace of blood flowed out of the wound, and gradually turned into a spring of blood. The powerful impact made him stagger and lean feebly on one foot of the big tripod. Seven men in black windbreakers, with a red arrow badge on their left chest, stood on the overpass on the wall of the research room, looking coldly at Xiahou, who had been severely damaged. The middle-aged man in the middle had a smile on his face: "Mr. Xuanwu, I'm sorry that the leader of our red arrow didn't come out to compete with you in person.". We know. It's not working. Your powers are terrible. However, human wisdom can always overcome manual workers like you. Xiahou constantly inhaled the cold air, shivering all over,bottle blowing machine, no matter who had a transparent hole in his chest, the taste was absolutely uncomfortable. Hywel, I didn't expect you to plot against me. What weapon did you use? It's much more powerful than a cannon. 。



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