Yang Fan swallowed and spat, and he could not go on. At that time, Fantu's words immediately after the closure of the mountain, and specifically told not to deal with the zombies that Lu Dalong turned into, thinking of the cruel experience of Fantu and the fact that it might be granted by heaven, he took it for granted that he wanted. Indeed, far-fetched, they do not want to be known by ordinary people their existence, how can he use zombies to make trouble. Fan Tu looked at Yang Fan angrily and laughingly. He sighed and said, "I think I'm smart, I think I'm smart!"! My words, you break into two meanings to understand, I really do not know whether you are stupid, or I can not express clearly. "I'm stupid, I'm stupid!" Yang Fan said nervously, completely without the usual arrogance and self-confidence. Fan Tu snorted coldly and said, "I asked you to seal Lu Dalong in that tomb.". It was a joint burial, but now the hostess is buried first. Although I have reconciled the geomantic omen and purified the evil spirit, it only guarantees the momentum of the tomb. But the tomb gas is exuberant, and empty to leave one, will meet Fang and the male host, make its early death. Ten years later, the prosperity of the tomb and the resentment of Lu Dalong can be wiped out. At that time, the tomb will naturally be clean, and Lu Dalong will not make trouble again. Therefore,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, leaves a corpse in, the tomb prosperous gas and the corpse's foul gas harmonizes, only then calculates a complete geomantic Bureau. Unexpectedly, you are also an empty shelf, even if you don't understand the geomantic Bureau, but you should know that the reason why Lu Dalong's corpse is not frightened is because of the Eight Diagrams in the tomb, right? How dare you bring him to the Western Hills? Lu Tai Lung's resentment through the aura here, afraid of zombies turned into Prometheans, how can you deal with it? Alas,ultrasonic cutting machine, it seems that too many things have been lost in your generation. Lu Dalong's death is not worth it. Yang Fan has been bowing his head to listen, but his eyes are aimed at the woods behind him from time to time. It is obvious that he is very afraid of Lu Dalong. After listening to Fan Tu's words, Meng Jiu clearly saw a touch of hatred and fear in Yang Fan's eyes. Of course, he vented his anger on his present unfortunate situation, but he did not dare to show it at all. Listen to the meaning of the map, Lu Dalong will die, will be a corpse, entirely because the map to the geomantic omen Bureau to leave a harmonious zombie. If Lu Dalong hadn't followed him that day. He was so clever that he dared not think about it. He seemed to have offended this terrible man at the dinner table. Hiss. A sound that sounded like pulling a bellows came out of the forest, and Yang Fan immediately jumped up as if he had been trampled on his tail and stood beside Fantu, even the director could not care. Fantu eyes rose a trace of impatience, but I do not know what to think of, took a look at Du Yiyu, the corners of the mouth actually climbed up a smile. The boy seems to have adjusted well today, and he just took this opportunity to warm up first and make him angry. Hiss. It was the same voice, but it came from the other side of the forest. Du Yiyu's expressionless face pulled Fei Yue behind him. This resentment was not only fierce, but also with a trace of magic power. I'm afraid that the corpse of this man after death was not his original wish, but was caused by Fantu's magic. Head Yang.. With a strange call of Yin and Yang, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic welding transducer, a Yin Qi came slowly, and the trees in the forest were swept away by the Yin Qi, turning into blackened dead wood layer by layer. In an instant, on the platform, even the sunshine became much darker. As soon as the brilliance disappeared in his eyes, Fan Tu hid all the aura that had not spilled much. He asked quietly, "You're running for your life. Why are you taking this Bureau chief with you?" Director is stupefied: "Do you know me?" Fan Tu smiled: "Of course, I want to know every one of the people around me.".
” At this time, Yang Fan seems to think of Du Yiyu and Meng Jiu, listen to the tone of the map, obviously very concerned about that person, can not help but look over there doubtfully, some puzzled in the heart, the two people have long seen, the body can not see a trace of spiritual power ah. Unable Is it a person whose ability is too much beyond his own? The director frowned, he hated this deliberate feeling, now the situation is very bad, it is better to say less! "Yang Fan?" "Yes, yes," Yang Fan was stupefied, only to remember that he had not answered, hurriedly said: "No, I did not want to take him, but so many people died, the director of the adult actually personally found my head. I was so desperate to escape that I had to take him hostage to escape from the police siege. Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered something and said, "Yes, Master, a lot of policemen came after me.". I'm afraid it's. "Just as well," Fan Tu smiled. "You made such a fuss. The two of them had already set up a puzzle at the foot of the mountain. No one could get in." "Yes, yes," Yang Fan did not know what to say, can not help nodding, the heart is very surprised, when to do the hands and feet? He didn't feel it at all? [From 3Z Chinese-Full Text Fiction: http://www.3zcn.com/3z55277-3097530.html] At this time, the resentment in the forest gradually gathered to the edge of the platform, and the dead trees began to creak, which sounded as uncomfortable as if they were covered with insects. "Head Yang," the voice sounded again: "Come on, let me pull your skin, drink your blood, and plant you in the Western Hills like these dead trees, accompany me, how about that?" "Lu Dalong!" Yang Fan was obviously forced to be anxious and shouted at the top of his voice: "Master Fantu is here. Don't make trouble!" The resentment seemed to be stifled for a while, and then it became fierce. A cold voice laughed and said, "I thought you ran back to the Western Hills desperately because you were in a panic. So you were looking for him?!"! He's here, just in time for me to get revenge! Hahahahaha, I thought I was scared to death, but I was afraid of him?! Hum, Yang Fan, do you know my strength now? That's something you can't dream of having! Fan Tu suddenly sighed, this Lu Dalong, when he was born, he was arrogant and overrated,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but after his death, he still did not know the depth. If I hadn't used him to torment the boy, he would have beaten him out of his wits in a second. Master Fantu?.. "Master Fantu." 。 fycgsonic.com