Zhang Fan is officially in charge of the entire Tun Tian ancient clan. Become a true Lord! Some people are not convinced. But all of them were suppressed by Yang Nian with absolute strength. Chapter 584 Supreme Blood. Zhang Fan succeeded to the position of Lord of the Devouring Heaven Clan, and Ye Fengfeng retired to the position of Vice Lord. Assist Zhang Fan. Yang Nian and others temporarily settled down in the Tun Tian clan. I also have a certain understanding of Ye Wanyun's past. Ye Wanyun is the daughter of the last patriarch, Ye Cangtian, and also the eldest lady of the Tun Tian clan. Ye Cangtian has two sons and one daughter. It's just that in those years, Two sons died in battle, Ye Cangtian was also seriously wounded, and soon fell into the clan. At that time, Ye Wanyun was extremely talented. At the age of 23, he stepped into the peak of Zhenwu Jiuzhong, half a step into the imperial realm. At the age of twenty-four, he became the youngest emperor of the Heaven-Swallowing Clan. Repel the enemy at the age of 26. At the age of twenty-seven, he was nominated to succeed to the position of patriarch. Although there are many criticisms in the clan, Ye Wanyun's achievements are outstanding, but no one stands up against it. With the succession imminent, But at this time, Ye Wanyun was saved by Zhang Fan's father, a doctor, because of a serious injury. And because of this, The two fell in love. Ye Wanyun knows the clan rules of the Tun Tian ancient clan. But for the sake of love, she resolutely gave up the position of patriarch and planned to elope with Zhang Fan's father and fly away. For a long time, there was no trace of Ye Wanyun in the ancient clan. The search was fruitless. Helplessly, finally Ye Fengliu inherited the position of the patriarch, is to respect the Lord. It's just that Ye Fengliu has not been inherited by the Lord. Because the clan has never given up the search for Ye Wanyun. As long as Ye Wanyun returns, Ye Fengliu will step down from the position of patriarch. In order to keep his position, Ye Fengliu deliberately cut down the people he was looking for. In this way, Ye Wanyun disappeared for two years. Until one day, two years later, In the depths of the Hall of Punishment, a blue lamp was separated from the soul lamp belonging to Ye Wanyun, forming a lamp like a bean. The blue light represents impure blood. The punishment hall reported the matter to Ye Fengfeng. The whole devouring ancient clan was shocked by it. In a month's time, the ancient people of Tun Tian were searching for the whereabouts of Ye Wanyun. Finally, Ye Wanyun did not escape the fate of being found. At that time, Zhang Fan was just born. In order to save Zhang Fan's life, inflatable air dancer , Ye Wanyun sealed the blood in his body. Ye Wanyun and the eldest lady of the punishment hall of the ancient clan of Tuntian. Serious injury. At the last moment, Ye Wanyun, at the cost of his life, sent Zhang Fan and his son away with a secret technique. Ye Wanyun, on the other hand, fell into the hands of the Heaven Swallowing Clan Punishment Hall. Abolished Xiu Wei, imprisoned. The reason why he was not executed immediately, It is also because Zhang Fan's whereabouts are unknown. But she did not expect that Zhang Fan's father would die soon after. Zhang Fan was entrusted to the Murong family. Finally, he became the son-in-law of the Murong family. Ye Wanyun was not executed, there is another important reason. That is to say, Ye Wanyun holds the same seal of swallowing heaven as the ancestral land of swallowing heaven. But the whereabouts of the swallowing seal are unknown. Therefore, Ye Fengliu has not been respected and inherited. This has always been a heart disease of Ye Fengliu. There is no superior inheritance. Ye Fengliu can not be called the successor of orthodoxy. Because it is a more noble devouring blood. At the same time, Xiuwei will also explode. Master the great power contained in swallowing the seal of heaven. After Ye Wanyun and Zhang Fan met, she finally told the whereabouts of the swallowing seal. The swallowing seal is in your body. Ye Wanyun said, "At the beginning, I turned the seal of swallowing heaven into a seal and sealed your blood." "But the seal has been broken." Zhang Fan was surprised. When his devouring blood was awakened, The seal will be completely lifted. How can there be a seal? And, The seal was made by swallowing the seal of heaven! "The blood you awaken is only the tip of the iceberg." Ye Wanyun said, "Son, do you know that from the moment you were born, you were destined to be extraordinary?" Zhang Fan's body shook slightly. "Why did Niang say that?" Yang Nian Dabai and others were also curious and looked at Ye Wanyun one after another, waiting for Ye Wanyun to go on. Ye Wanyun said, "What is flowing in your body is the supreme blood of the Heaven-swallowing clan. There is no one in a million!" "The human body has eight veins." "One pulse is visible, seven pulses are hidden." An ordinary warrior can only practice one pulse, and the other seven pulses cannot be practiced. And you, eight pulse show. Hearing this, Yi Dachuan said, "Eight veins are obvious. Doesn't that mean that Zhang Fan has eight times the speed of practice?" "Yes.".
"Ye Wanyun nodded, as if proud of Zhang Fan," but not only that! " Ye Wanyun paused slightly and continued, "Such blood is born to be the posture of a saint and the body of an emperor!" "Noble and overbearing." "I sealed his seven bloodlines that year." Ye Wanyun said, "Now you can untie it." "In the past fifteen years, swallowing the seal of heaven should have swallowed up a lot of Reiki." Just untie it! Your power will explode and grow to the next level. "Follow my pithy formula to run the attack." Then Ye Wanyun began to recite the formula. The pithy formula is obscure and difficult to understand. Long and mysterious. Zhang Fan followed the chant. Although he could not fully understand it, with the singing, the spiritual power in his body began to surge crazily. Faster and faster. It's like an accelerated current. Then, Under the muscles,Inflatable indoor park, the meridians that had never been seen before gradually appeared. With the emergence of the meridians. Zhang Fan's meridians all turned golden. Then the golden light enveloped Zhang Fan. The whole person becomes sacred and majestic. It was as if his body had lost its gravity. Slowly floating up from the ground, Suspended in midair. The golden light is surging. Gather behind Zhang Fan. Gradually condensed into four pairs of golden wings. It's flapping. The wind seems to be filled with majestic energy fluctuations. "Is this untied?" Yi Dachuan said. Ye Wanyun looked at Zhang Fan happily, "this is just the beginning." "The majesty of the Supreme Blood is more than that." Yang Nian frowned deeply. He could feel the change of Zhang Fan's momentum. Especially the four pairs of golden wings. joyshineinflatables.com