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It's all caused by garrulous talk Xiaolongren finishing

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The next is not strong, a slip to a fall, instead of being seen as a lively by others. The three of us lay on the grass with our heads against each other to vent our dissatisfaction with the boring life these days, and joked with each other from time to time. Chen Siming sighed: "Alas, I understand why some college students want to commit suicide, it is purely boring to force, boring this thing is really terrible ah!"! Before Before I went to college, I had a goal and an ideal, that is, to be admitted to a good university. Now I don't know what to do. I remember our goal at the beginning. Rich and colorful over the past few years, but do you think we are so rich now? Colorful? I've been muddling along all day, and I don't know what to do? Su Ye, you It's better. Now I have found a job to do, which is more substantial than Sun Yang and me. Sun Yang and I either go to class or stay in the dormitory all day. Go out to surf the Internet, or be with your girlfriend. Sun, do you think we can live a good life? I looked at the stars in the sky and looked for the Big Dipper and said, "I used to think that ghosts were the most terrible things in the world, even more terrible than death, but now." I found that, in fact, emptiness is more terrible than ghosts,Inflatable 5k obstacle, this state makes you have no pursuit, no passion, so that you are busy all day, but always in a spirit of confusion. In an empty state. Yes, we can't go on like this. Otherwise, I will really feel sorry for these four years in retrospect. I found the Big Dipper. Star, don't you two look at that? I pointed my finger at the sky. Su Ye said: "I think the saying of the Big Dipper is a fart at all. When I was a child,Inflatable dry slide, my mother always pointed out the Big Dipper to me and said that the seven stars were connected." It's like a spoon, but I can't see it. Later, when I grew up, I found that you can find seven stars in the sky, as long as you can put them. Just in the shape of a spoon. "It's a pity that we can't do what we want at the moment. My mother arranged for me to go to Canada as soon as I graduated and study there." Graduate student. Chen Siming pulled out a piece of grass and put it in his mouth. I also am same, graduated to still must take an examination of grind, I rely on, when is this just a head? I'll go ***ing crazy if I keep reading it. I'm just as depressed. I'm not going to take the postgraduate entrance examination. When can't I take the exam? I'll go out to work for two years first. Holy shit, it's still early. Why are you talking about this? I think the first one now The most important thing is to help me find a girlfriend, which is extremely urgent and imminent, and can not wait for a moment. Are you crazy about your wife? Talking all day, like Xianglinsao, didn't you attack Liu Liang a while ago? How's it going? Nope Will it be over again? Chen Siming was a little dissatisfied with Su Ye's nagging all day. A few days ago, several of us went to the Ming Tombs Reservoir by bike. On the way back, I suddenly found that this woman was not suitable for me. And I found out this girl might have a crush on you. Always asking me about you. "Old Chen, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable floating water park, now you have to take it easy. Liu Liang is more difficult to deal with." Cut, it's none of my business. There are a lot of girls who like me. If I deal with them one by one, I'll be tired to death. "Processing?"? Exhausted? Old Chen, there is an ambiguity in your words. I won't miss any chance to make fun of Chen Siming. Chen Siming may also realize that there is something wrong with his words and say nothing. Hey, I remember one thing. Do you think we will still work in the student union next semester? Su Ye asked. Why don't you do it? Didn't the minister say let us take over? I also want to have the addiction of being a minister! When the time comes, if you are not careful, you will become a chairman. It's more enjoyable. Then Chen Siming fell into a longing, and his eyes began to shine.
I have the same idea as Chen Siming. I used to have a good time reading about the president of the student union in all kinds of books, and after I entered the student union, I saw this. Besides, although the self-introductions of several of us when we entered the student union were all high-sounding, saying that we came in to exercise ourselves, in fact, we said To put it bluntly, we came here just to get an official position and have an official addiction. And if you can get a chairman, at least you will be busy and full, and on the surface. It's also glorious, so I want to continue to do it. Pick up my ass. Are you still thinking about taking over? Other people's posters have already been put up. If you want to be an official, you have to run for office! Su Ye said grumpily. Damn it, didn't you say it was appointed by the last minister? When did you start to practice capitalism? I wonder about that. If we don't look like this, can we work hard to go out and give them money? What do we want? Don't you want to make a good impression on the minister? If you talk about pulling Money, no one can compare with us, we just pulled five or six thousand from Fang Ting, right? Not to mention the other small fights. Damn it, if the minister doesn't give it to us, who will? Chen Siming was indignant. Oh, yes, when I went to the library in the afternoon, I met Fang Ting at the school gate, and she said she had something to discuss with us. Maybe it's for the freshmen next semester. Do activities when you study. "We may not do it next semester, so shall we run for election or not?" Su Ye sat up and asked. Go. Why don't you go? I don't believe we can't run. Old Chen, you go up and I'll draft a speech for you. I sat up, too. Chen Siming spits out the grass in his mouth: "Why should I go?" "You see, among the three of us, you are the most handsome. Just standing there, the image points are indispensable. The girls must all vote for you, and so is their eloquence." You'd better, when the time comes, be eloquent and eloquent. You say, who will go if you don't go this time? General Manager Su, don't you think so? "I gave Chen Siming magic soup." That's right! "What's more, you have a registered permanent residence in Beijing. If you can't do it, you can slap the registered permanent residence book on the table. They dare not choose you!" Su Ye finished to give me a. Wink. Besides, you are also a person who has seen the world, if I and Su Ye go up, the words have not been said,inflatable water slide, he began to be nervous, the calf began to tremble, which like you.



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