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Asylum for fierce ghosts

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After the shadow appeared, his brain system disappeared for a short time, and then, in his mind, there were more hazy memory pictures, fragmented, and successively connected in series, as if nodes floated on the causal line, gradually connecting his past and present. Qi Hongzhuang several people are still waiting to ask what, the young man who runs the hall laughed and came over with a wooden dish. Two Luhua chickens, half a catty of sauce donkey legs, two steamed buns for each person, a pot of wine, and fried white scales were sent by the Kitchen King. Please, everyone! Master Qin, the shop is closed at three o'clock in the morning. I hope you will leave early. Chapter 104, the first entertainment. Qin Kun this is not the first time to eat in the Yin people's restaurant, although the food is not nutritious, but the fragrant taste and satiety is very comfortable. Li Zhe several people eat with trepidation. In the restaurant, from time to time, people will come to chat up, those people are wearing a strange fragrance, regardless of men and women, old and young, the eyes are all white. Some came to beg for food, some came to make friends, and some took a fancy to Wu Senran or Qi Hongzhuang and wanted to know each other. Qi red makeup willow eyebrows erect, the body still has some power, Qin Kun can see behind Qi red makeup, is a man carrying a saber virtual shadow, it is estimated that that is Qi red makeup ghost difference. Wu Senran is not the same,321 stainless steel sheet, big, Yang full of body, no ghost escort, is simply a mouth-watering fragrant baboon. Qin Kun saw that Wu Senran's attitude was very unfriendly, and all those who accosted him were scolded back by him. Qin Kun friendship tips: "Do not entangle the tongue, do not provoke cause and effect.". Wu Senran, if you are too high-profile, you will be missed by ghosts. "Lao Tzu is high-profile?"? Fart Wu Senran disdained, "these ghosts like to find Lao Tzu, clearly up to no good!"! It is light to scold them. Wu Senran suddenly thought of something and asked, "No, Ah Zhe, you are generally more popular. Why didn't ghosts chat with you today?" "Ghost?"? What the hell? You don't believe in ghosts. Li Zhe obviously did not want to tell Wu Senran about drinking Huayin Fu water, otherwise he would have to take the opportunity to taunt him. Now Li Zhe has fully realized that Qin Kun is different from ordinary people. According to tonight's observation, Li Zhe concluded that this shop must be a legendary ghost shop. The people coming and going had no shadow, which was unreasonable. They were so quiet when they ate that only the sound of breathing existed, 316ti stainless steel ,uns s32760 plate, and after the food was sucked, only the incense ash was left. Can this be a restaurant for people to eat? When the meal was served, he saw Qin Kun move his chopsticks first, and he also tasted it. The Luhua chicken was crisp and tender, the sauce donkey meat was fragrant, and the wine was sweet, all of which were very suitable for his taste. I'm afraid it's the people who often deal with such places who can eat such food in such shops? Before Li Zhe ate, he doubted whether the water Qin Kun gave him was a pit of money. Now, he concluded in his heart that Qin Kun was by no means an ordinary person. Less than 2 o'clock, Qin Kun several people will eat and drink enough, leave the food for the day. The central street of the county seat is a 13-storey hotel. Jintai Hotel. The three-star hotel is the most upscale hotel in the county. At the front desk of the hotel, a dozing waiter saw someone coming, yawned and asked professionally, "Hello, sir, how many people are there?" "Six people, five rooms." Li Zhe took out his wallet, looked at the price on the wall and added, "I want a luxury business room." Several people can see that Li Zhe is not a lack of money, Qin Kun saw a local tyrant pay, just also saved a sum of money. In a good mood. Director Qin, you are so stingy. Do we have to pay for the accommodation? Qi red makeup tilted his head to look at Qin Kun, suddenly said. People found that along the way the preference for quiet Qi red makeup, how this time to make things difficult for Qin Kun, nothing to look for trouble? Or is there something else going on? "Husband, since leaving Sanfen Mountain, Sister Qi's expression seems to be different when she looks at Director Qin." Yu Mengxin whispered beside him. yuan Xinghan also deeply agreed. Li Zhe looked at Qin Kun, he now intends to make friends with Qin Kun, so half-jokingly asked: "Qin Dao, do you want to open four rooms?" Qin Kun nodded: "Well, it is also possible to let Wu Senran and yuan Xinghan live in the same room." Qin Kun took his room card and left first.
Wu Senran shouted, "Qin, why do I want to live with an artist?" "Think of yourself as art." Qin Kun yawned and got on the elevator first. It was three o'clock soon. He had to see what the task of the week was. I'm art? After Qin Kun left, Wu Senran wondered, "Does Qin think so highly of me now?" Yu Mengxin giggled, "You said Brother yuan was engaged in art. Director Qin said you were engaged in art. It means that Brother yuan can engage in you after you two live together.". Tut, I can't bear to look at that picture. Qi red makeup also laughed, yuan Xinghan more than 30 years old, was teased by the little girl, but also helpless smile, but these days after we are familiar, he did not mind, gave Wu Senran a coquettish look. *** me, Zhe! Let me stay away from the art quickly. I have hemorrhoids in the car these days. Can't stand the trouble. Wu Senran covered his buttocks with a face of fear. Li Zhe suddenly found that since the pregnant woman on the hearse gave Wu Senran a jade hairpin, Wu Senran's character seems to have become more lovely. It seems that after the excess Yang Qi is absorbed, the words are less overbearing. Normally, how could Wu Senran make such a joke? In this way, I feel that this trip is quite fruitful. Room 1302. Qin Kun entered the door and put his backpack on the ground. The room card was inserted and the lights were bright. Qin Kun lay quietly on the bed. In a flash, Niu Meng and the skinner appeared in the house. Whoa! Brother Kun! What is this "Humidifier." "Brother Kun, what is this?" "Shoe polisher." "Brother Kun,316 stainless steel plate, what is this?" "Iron." Brother Kun, what about this? It's boxy. "Mahjong." The room was tastefully decorated with many things they had never seen before for business and leisure. Curious. Niu Meng is indeed the longest person to follow Qin Kun. After observing, he immediately occupied the most favorable position-the computer desk.



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