She could not help laughing, "I said, everyone has only one heart.". I've adjusted it, and there can't be a second time! "No." His eyes were tender and spoiled, and a pair of warm palms caressed her face. Lei Yiqiu said softly, "You don't need to adjust it again." He went up and kiss her warm lips. A domineering tongue forced its way into her mouth and plundered it. Xu Ruyi is confused. She did not expect that the man would suddenly kiss herself. He wanted to retreat, but he clasped the back of his head. The man pressed his hand, forcing her closer to him. The lips of two people are close to each other, and they toss and turn tightly, bursting out a passion. Xu Ruyi was a little out of breath, but he did not let her go at all. Lei Yiqiu almost swept her whole mouth and finally let her go. His cheeks were reddish and his mouth was half open for breath. The taste in her mouth was indeed what was on his mind. With the strong fragrance of wine,x60 line pipe, his heart was intoxicated. He loved her to the point of madness! Lei Yiqiu's big palm held her little face with a smile in her eyes. His deep voice was seductive. "Be my woman." "Give me a reason." His eyes moved down to her full chest. "Because my heart is in you." "If you want." Xu Ruyi pulled out a fruit knife out of nowhere. It shone with a chill and looked dangerous in the dark room. Chapter 3562 female bar owner vs rebellious racing driver. Lei Yiqiu grabbed her hand and his eyes were gloomy. "What are you doing?" "Give you back your heart." He gritted his teeth angrily. "What about yours?"? Isn't it here with me, too? My own.. It doesn't matter whether you want it or not. She laughed briskly. If you want it back, I'll give it back to you. Lei Yiqiu easily snatched the fruit knife from her hand and poked it in her chest. Veins appeared on the back of his hand, which was holding the hilt of the knife, and his face broke. Just as he was about to insert the knife into his heart,x52 line pipe, Xu Ruyi could not help but stop it. She turned her head. "I don't like childish men." "So you're a childish woman?" "Give me back my knife." Lei Yide has thrown it into the garbage basket. "You are forbidden to touch such a dangerous thing in the future!" "Why?" "Just because you have a bad record!" Xu Ruyi exploded, "I mean, why do you care about me?"! Also, where do I have a bad record?! He sighed lightly and withdrew his momentum. "Because I love you." "If you love me, I'm in your charge?" "Yes.". If I love you, you are in my charge. In the same way, if you love me, I'm in your charge. "I'm not echoing you!" Do you like skiing? Lei Yiqiu suddenly changed the subject, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, "when the time comes to see the ice sculpture." The tense atmosphere just now was completely dissipated by his words. When Xu Ruyi was stunned, he put a big hand on the top of her hair. Lei Yiqiu chuckled and rubbed her supple hair. "That's settled." She was like a cat with fried hair. "Who made a deal with you?" Lei Yiqiu smiled more gently. "At the end of next month, I'll go to buy cold-proof items and some skiing equipment." What do you like to eat? Buy some snacks by the way. "Did I promise you?" Xu Ruyi snorted. He tapped her chest with his finger and let her cover it in an instant. "What for?" Xu Ruyi glared at him. Lei Yiqiu said earnestly: "You have agreed here." "You know again?" She snorted angrily. Have you forgotten? We've already exchanged my-heart. Lei Yiqiu said softly, "If you calm down, you can also read my mind." Xu Ruyi rolled his eyes. Nima is lying to ghosts! It's just a glass of wine. Do you want to be so ambiguous? However, she can give full marks for this skill of flirting with girls. Lei Yiqiu saw that she finally did not oppose herself, and secretly rejoiced in her heart. He held her in his arms, "you can rest assured that I will treat you well." I love you so much all my life. "Rhetoric." Do you like it? I can smooth things out for you if you like. Xu Ruyi struggled out of his arms and stretched out his hand, "come up.".
” Lei Yiqiu doesn't know why. "What?" Her little hand pointed to his chest, "Your bank card, deposit slip, stock account.." He couldn't help laughing. I'll give it to you. Even if you say you want me here, I'll give it to you. Xu Ruyi punched up, "I don't want your people!" "Are you sure you don't want it?" She pursed her lips. "Seriously, are you good there?" Lei Yiqiu's face darkened in an instant. "Do you really believe it?" He simply hated the woman who was as stupid as a pig just now! Because he did not want to haggle with Hu Tiantian, Lei Yiqiu did not refute her words at that time. But all of them fell into her ears! Chapter 3563 female bar owner vs rebellious racing driver. She wouldn't think.. If you don't defend yourself, is it really impossible? Lei Yiqiu wished he could go back in time and beat up that stupid woman! However, at this time, he still maintained a good demeanor, "If you agree, I can prove myself now." "No." Xu Ruyi immediately stopped, "I don't have the time to question whether you can do it there or not." Lei Yiqiu is thinking deeply, "no.". I think I still need to prove it. "Hey, wait, wait!" She crossed her palms. "Don't mess around!" He laughed. "I mean, where do you want to go to the opening certificate of the hospital?" Xu Ruyi opened his mouth, "too much!" She hasn't agreed to be with him, has she? Start to counterattack yourself? Hum! She wouldn't have let him get on her body so easily! Lei Yiqiu sat on the edge of the bed and took off his shoes. Xu Ruyi frowned,uns s31803 sheet, "what are you doing?" He took her in his arms with a long arm. "I want to keep you warm." "Come on, I'm hot!" It's only October. Where is the cold in this small room without air conditioning? Lei Yiqiu reached out at her collar, "then take it off." 。