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Douro Mainland 3 Legend of the Dragon King by Tang Jiasanshao [Chapter

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A metal pile is driven down every 30 meters, and then connected with barbed wire to form a barrier to the outside world. Three hundred people worked together very quickly, so around the periphery of Poseidon Lake, it continued. Such isolation is undoubtedly very simple, but it has one advantage, that is, to declare sovereignty. Stop! All stop. Who told you to build things here? What are you doing? More than a dozen police cars arrived at the construction site in the harsh sound of sirens. A group of soldiers jumped down from the top, all with soul ray guns in their hands, and stopped the workers who were working. Who's in charge here? Who told you to work here? Not far away, grey marble slab ,Pietra Gray Marble, at the reconstruction site of Shrek Academy, Xie, who was busy, raised his head and smiled at the corners of his mouth? Trouble was what they had expected, and it came so fast! Xie strode over. "This is our place," he said in a deep voice. "The land belongs to us. What's wrong with our construction?" The leading soldier, with the rank of captain on his shoulder, said proudly, "This place has been designated as a forbidden place by the state. It has destructive radiation and is not suitable for human survival.". No one can work here. Stop your operation immediately, or we will enforce it. Xie Hehe smiled and took out a small notebook from his bosom and handed it over. "Captain, is that how you talk to the officer?" The captain is stupefied, took small book, to this thing he is all too familiar with,Calacatta Nano Glass, have a simple and understandable name, call military certificate. Thank you. This officer's card is blue with two stars on it. The meaning is very simple, Lieutenant Colonel.



» Bella_and_Edward » [] » Douro Mainland 3 Legend of the Dragon King by Tang Jiasanshao [Chapter