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The Birth of a Landlady in the 1980s

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At short notice, it was too late to cook for so many people, so the newly established canteen picked up the fastest and easiest thing to cook. It is the season when a large number of kidney beans are on the market, so let's make the kidney bean buns that Jia Zhenzhen is thinking about with persimmon sleeve soup. Kidney bean should choose that fleshy and plump, mince; There is pig to want to kill to supply a supermarket everyday inside the village, went picking two tender gas casually before clip flesh, fat lean is moderate; of energetically chop mince, mix all sorts of condiment to make stuffing together again. Flour is newly harvested this year, snow-white and delicate, which is the most suitable for making steamed buns. A group of women, talking and laughing, playfully wrapped up the big steamer on the ninth floor. As for the persimmon sleeve soup, it is even simpler. In a large iron wok with a diameter of one meter, the tomato sauce made last autumn is poured into the wok with lard, scallion and ginger shreds, and fried until it tastes sour. Then half a wok of persimmons is poured into the wok and fried until it is soft. With the addition of mountain spring water, it is boiled until the fragrance is overflowing. Then the stirred firewood egg liquid is poured in. When a pot of red and yellow emerges, it is drizzled with sesame oil and sprinkled with wild scallion. A. At the time of the meal, Jia Zhenzhen had planned to go home to eat, but when she saw the steamed buns coming out of the oven, the steaming excitement, and the sour taste of the soup,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, she couldn't help but follow everyone to eat big pot rice. Picked up two big steamed stuffed buns holding a bowl, with the working villagers to eat together, by the way to see what everyone is not adapted to. Uncle, how does it taste? Is it the same as what your aunt did? " "She doesn't have this skill!"! "The uncle was still stiff, but when he saw that the girl was about the same age as his own daughter, that she spoke kindly, and that her eyebrows and eyes were naturally well-intentioned, he put down his psychological guard.". Seeing that she began to eat,Calacatta Quartz Slab, he also took a bite, but he could not stop eating. The dough is fluffy and soft, and you can bite your teeth to get the meat filling. The oily and delicious filling immediately conquers the taste buds. The first bite will like the juicy taste of the meatballs, but when you taste the kidney beans mixed with meat flavor, the sweet and refreshing taste of the vegetables is even more irresistible. So three or five mouthfuls is one, even after eating three, and then drink a bowl of persimmon sleeve soup, to oil solution greasy, this taste is really comfortable. Jia Zhenzhen likes to watch people enjoy the food, especially the food is still related to their own, feeling the joy of people's hearts, because of this gratitude and joy, the spirit of the space is also filled up, they can not help but eat there. Over there, General Manager Li was leading people to survey the route. Passing by, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, he looked at the girl sitting on the stone pier under the big tree. The girl sat there eating with curved eyebrows and eyes. She couldn't help walking over. "Or do you live a happy life?". " Jia Zhenzhen looked up and saw that it was him, and greeted him with a smile. Uncle Li, would you like to have one? " He did not mind, sat on the stone beside her, picked up the last one from her bowl, and ate it impolitely. "It tastes good.". " He took a look at his own family, who were looking longingly behind him, and began to fight for welfare. "They all work for the village. You can't favor one over the other as a boss.". My brothers haven't eaten yet. " When the canteen is built in two days, everyone can go to eat at the cost price. I have to eat steamed stuffed buns first today. "She readily agreed, before did not think of the construction side, it seems that the canteen must be built as soon as possible.". When Gu Mulan came from the path, she saw such a scene. She sat there in the shade of a tree in the summer afternoon. Her eyebrows were vivid and picturesque, but the shadows on the ground were a bit of an eyesore, and the tall one shrouded the tiny one. He stepped forward and called softly. Zhenzhen, I'm back. " Hearing Gu Mulan's voice, she jumped up from her seat and threw herself on him, refusing to let go. His business trip is really long, and she hasn't seen him for half a month. He enjoyed her initiative, holding her waist to prevent her from falling, glancing at the man who stood up behind her and patting her on the back. "Be good, don't be childish. There are outsiders here.". " Jia Zhenzhen stuck out her tongue, a little forgetful, and she withdrew from his arms to introduce them. When he came back, she had no intention of working, and after greeting him politely, she went home with him. The weather in the mountains changes as soon as it is said. There are dark clouds gathering in the distant sky. Heavy rain is coming.
Chapter 53 meeting a Japanese woman again. The summer rain was coming, and although they hurried, they were still caught in the rain. She had nothing to do, because Gu Mulan took off her coat and put it on her to keep off the rain, and she was all wet. Running back under the eaves, he breathed a sigh of relief. His hair, which he usually took care of, was wet and hung down on his forehead. It was a bit awkward, but without his usual sharpness, it showed a different kind of attraction. She glanced around, but no one came forward to leave a kiss on his lips, and before he could react and move further, she left his arms, leaving him with a charming smile and a touching figure. Go wash up and I'll make you lunch. Gu Mulan was stunned on the spot, and was moved by her closeness and repetition, and there was really nothing she could do about it. In the living room, only my sister-in-law leaned back on the sofa to take a lunch break. My father followed the villagers up the mountain, while my mother was busy with the aunts in the village. The old people had a regular schedule and were taking a nap at the moment. Declining the kindness of her sister-in-law, she went to the kitchen to cook a meal for Gu Mulan. There was a handful of umbrella mushrooms in the basket on the stove, with wet soil on the roots. Sister Xiaojiao, where did this mushroom come from in the kitchen? "I picked it up on the slope. You can eat it." The scientific name of this umbrella mushroom is Termitomyces albuminosus. It is one of the most locally produced mushrooms. It tastes delicious. It is delicious enough to be fried and put on the surface. Yes, summer is the time for all kinds of mushrooms. Call Gu Mulan together tomorrow and go up the mountain to pick mushrooms. If we can find straw mushrooms, dig them into the space with mud,White Marble Slabs, multiply properly, and find another way to make money for the village, the village's finances are tight recently.



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