After Xue Erju waited for the Red Guards to leave, she thought to herself that the Bi family was finished, and that what she could rely on was He Xingguo, a loser, and her son and daughter. When you go back, you must win them over and let them hand over their wages to her, so that you don't have to worry about the rest of your life. Thinking of this, he Xingguo had no objection to letting her hurry home. It's just that the thought of going so far makes me nervous. So far away, she had not traveled so far for a long time. "Father," he said to He Xingguo, "let's go back by car." He Xingguo really wanted to slap Xue Erju in the face. "Go back by car?"? Look, you have money to burn, and you can walk there in two days! Why did you spend money unjustly. If you have money, you can go back by car. Anyway, I don't have a penny. He Xingguo planned to hold all the money in his hands firmly in the future and give it to his son. Xue Erju can't have a penny in her hand. Xue Erju thought of He Xue, who was also in the provincial capital, and since the Bi family had collapsed, He Xue certainly could not rely on it, and now that she had become an iron girl, she did not know what the way out would be in the future? She remembered that when she left,micro gear motor, He Xue sewed a few yuan in her hand into her clothes. At that time, she thought she didn't see it, but in fact, she could see it clearly. In addition, He Xingguo suspected the purpose of her coming to Bi's house, and just used He Xue to wash away the suspicion. Dad, I know He Xue has a few yuan in her hand, which is saved from the pocket money I usually give her. Let's go and get the money back. In this way,Low Rpm Electric Motor, they can also go back by car, and the money saved will also buy clothes for Jianjun and Xiaolu. He Xingguo of course has no objection, he saw Xue Erju to He Xue like this, his heart is more no burden, two people then went to inquire to find He Xue. Since he Xue wrote a letter to Xue Erju, every day he hoped that Xue Erju would bring her money or come to see her and rescue her. Not to mention hot soup and hot rice, you can't even drink hot water here. The captain even spoke coldly to her, and when he saw that she could not even get up from bed, he even ignored her. There was no response to the letter she wrote to Xiaomei, and she did not know where the letter had been sent. Her eyes were really blackened. By the time Xue Erju and He Xingguo found out about the Tie Guniang team, He Xue's illness had been more than half cured. When she saw Xue Erju, she thought she was going to take her back. She said excitedly, "Auntie, uncle, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, you finally came to see me." Xue Erju's face was light and she said, "Lesser Snow, how are you recently?"? Auntie, you look good. He Xue looked at Xue Erju strangely. He had just recovered from a serious illness. How could he look good? Isn't that lying with your eyes open? He Xingguo also felt that what Xue Erju said was out of order, and hurriedly said, "Lesser Snow, the second uncle came here to find you something, let your aunt tell you." Xue Erju was not embarrassed at all and said to He Xue, "Your uncle and I came to the provincial capital and had no money to go home. I remember you still have a little money in your hand.". Let us borrow it first. He Xue looked at the two of them in shock: "I have no money. My money has already been spent on the road. Besides, my aunt didn't give me much money. Where did I get the money?" ” Xue Erju said discontentedly, "Hurry up and give me the money. How can I have no money?"? Come on, your uncle and I are in a hurry to go home. How can you be so ignorant as a child? Your aunt has raised you for so many years. She usually provides you with good food and drink. She gives you a few yuan and you are like this. It's really a white-eyed wolf who can't feed you well. He Xue's eyes suddenly turned red. When had she ever heard such bad words? Apart from the street director, this was the second time she had heard such words recently. A strong sense of shame let her tears drop by drop, she did not know what had happened, so that her aunt, who had loved her, did the same to herself. But the tears did not move Xue Erju, who was an extremely cold-blooded and selfish person. Has always been no profit can not get up early, now he Xue in his view is not how to show a finger. At least He Lu is still earning a salary, and she will count on He Lu to provide for her old age.
He Xue asked with trembling lips, "Did He Lu say something to make my aunt treat me like this?" When He Xingguo heard these words, he was very unhappy: "You girl, how can you talk?"? He Lu has never said a bad word about you, unlike you who provoke family relations every day. If it weren't for you, would he Lu want to break off relations with us? Xue Erju nodded and said, "It's you, the troublemaker. It's because of you that our family is broken!"! Give the money quickly, and we'll go quickly, or tell the captain that you are not a filial niece. He Xue was forced to have no choice but to take out the few yuan she had hidden. Xue Erju saw that there were only two or three yuan and said discontentedly, "He Xue, how can you be so clever?"? Auntie remembers that you have at least ten yuan in your hand. "I really only have this money, and I've already spent it. If you don't believe me, you can search it." He Xue's eyes were empty. She didn't know what had happened until now. She felt that God was so unfair to her. Her father didn't love her mother. Even her aunt, who always loved her, treated her like this. Thinking of this, she thought of Chang Limei again. She didn't know what had happened. Chang Limei didn't care about her, but somehow she still had a glimmer of hope in her heart. 、31. Chapter 31 Chapter 31 Uncle, how are my mother and my parents? Why don't they come to see me? Xue Erju put the money in her pocket and said, "Your mother is pregnant with a child. Of course she doesn't care about you.". Take care of yourself and don't make trouble! When you come back from the iron girl, go back to the village to find someone to marry you. This life is like this, accept your fate! He Lu sent to the hospital, in fact, not much, because of the high temperature caused by asphyxiation and dehydration. But this time she was very frightened, and every night she slept, she dreamed that she was being held up with a gun,Gear Reduction Motor, or that she was knocking on the door in despair in the cave. Except for the first night, when she cried by herself under the quilt, she put all her emotions away the next day. She can't trust anyone here! There was no moment when she wanted to find her companion more than now.