The story spread quickly and it was as if everyone had seen their affair with their own eyes. She didn't know how it happened. This is due to Han Xu himself. yuan Ji said, handing the letter from Osmanthus to Li Minglou. Li Minglou read the letter of Osmanthus, Osmanthus said in the letter that she was also confused, because she did not know whether Han Xu was a wise man or a fool. Call him stupid, he is in Shannan Dao with ease, kindness and threat, everyone is in his hands, although Jiannan Dao is pretending, but in addition to the leaders, ordinary officers and soldiers have a good impression on Han Xu. He is resourceful and brave. He has a very thorough view of the current political situation. He is erudite, honest, strict and not pedantic. He is generous and dignified. He can comfort the people, inspire the military forces and deter the officials. It is awesome. But he's smart, and he has a strange style. He was a great believer that he was resourceful, brave, intelligent, lovable and awesome, that he could restrain himself in other things, and that he was exceptionally sober in his treatment of women. Stupid 。” The sweet-scented osmanthus altered the paper several times and finally chose the word after careful consideration. He seems to believe that every woman loves him, that a woman looks at him more than once in order to seduce him, let alone a woman, a sow passes by him, he will also think that the sow wants to molest him. Li Minglou and yuanji laughed at the same time. I didn't know Lady Gui was so good at telling jokes. Li Minglou laughed back and forth. yuan Ji shook his head with a smile. "I don't know." These people were brought together because of the viceroy. When the viceroy was there, they were all the arms of the viceroy. With the guidance of doing things, they did not have much contact with each other. They said that brothers were brothers, and that they were familiar with each other was actually strange. But now everyone is working around the young lady and the childe. The young lady and the childe need guidance and protection. They have to cooperate and discuss. There are also disputes and complaints in private. These two years are more familiar than the previous ten years. Everyone also presents something different from the appearance and becomes more vivid. yuan Ji suppressed a smile: "So when I heard that the young lady said it was for Lord Han to send troops, and others hadn't thought much about it, Lord Han himself thought of it." He was angry and ashamed, sad and happy, covered and concealed, sometimes solemn and sometimes sighing, sometimes righteous and sometimes evasive, so everyone began to think, more and more.. "Han Xu, because of his beauty, information kiosk price , has been entangled since he was young. After he became an official in the capital, he only increased but did not decrease. There have been many anecdotes about love affairs." yuan Ji talked about Han Xu's past. With these lessons from the past, and then look at Han Xu's reaction, we have firm evidence. He wrote you a letter, too. yuan Ji took out another letter. "Just like last time, Lady Gui doesn't allow anyone to read it." Li Minglou took it over and laughed again. Han Xu in the letter showed his anger and shame more clearly than the last time he gave a gift. yuan Ji shook his head. "Miss, do you want to explain it to him?" Han Xu really believes that the young lady covets him. This is also the problem of Osmanthus fragrans. Should this matter be stopped? The rumors are out of line. Li Minglou smiled at the corners of his mouth and shook his head slowly: "As I guessed before, he really believed that I had a bad idea about him, but he was also willing to take advantage of my bad idea about him." She shook Han Xu's letter gently. Whether in a letter or in front of people, his anger and shame are real, but so is his deliberate exposure of shame and anger. Han Xu is a civil official, but he is also a ferocious man who can do anything to achieve his goal. He took advantage of the young lady's desire for him. yuan Ji put away his smile. "If it's just between the young lady and him, it's all right, but now he wants everyone to know, it's too much." "It doesn't matter," said Li Minglou. "Sooner or later, the world will know. He's in Jiannan Road. I'll inevitably have to deal with him. It's better to do this than to let the world speculate and I'm tired of covering it up." yuan Ji frowns: "But this reason is not quite appropriate, the name of the young lady..." "Love between a man and a woman is the simplest and most powerful reason. As for fame, it won't kill me." Li Minglou threw Han Xu's letter on the table and smiled, "I should write a reply to Lord Han to show my heart.".
” What else could yuan Ji say? He could only smile bitterly: "Does the young lady want to write by herself?"? Like it was for the military governor? Yes, now she has two men to write a letter, one is a husband, one is a lover, husband and lover should be distinguished, Xiang Nan's letter is only suitable for her husband, dignified as a lotus flower, lover's letter should be more emotional... Li Minglou thought: "Let Jiang Liang write." At that time, Jiang Liang and Liu Fan were writing letters on the streets of Gwangju Prefecture, writing letters for the people of the world, writing hundreds of moods in the world. yuan Ji looked at Li Minglou with bright eyes and touched the tip of his nose and thought about it with great interest. The girl's face was full of agility, and his wry smile turned into a light smile. The young lady likes to play, the young lady is right, what can this reputation do to her? She's not a woman who lives by fame. yuan Ji bent over and answered that he was going to call Jiang Liang himself, but when he came out, he saw two children standing at the door. They went to bed. The two men grinned and pointed to their ruddy faces. "We slept well." yuan Ji reached out to touch their heads and asked them to invite Jiang Liang to come. A child pedaled and ran. yuan Ji went back to the study. Li Minglou was already reading the letter. It was Wu Xin who wrote the letter. She said, "Everyone wrote words to wish us to recover Huainan Road and sent gifts." The letters were all sent separately, and the gifts that accompanied the letters were received and released separately. yuan Ji said, "I asked someone to bring them over. I don't know what they sent." What's there to send over there? Besides, did Wu Ya'er send it? I don't seem to have seen the letter from the crow, and no gift has been sent since the wooden dog. Don't coax people when you don't need it. 。 yuan Ji looked through the table, and Li Minglou let out a light laugh. What's so funny? yuan Ji looked up and saw the smile on Li Minglou's mouth swinging like water on his face. He's a good talker. Her eyes were sparkling with laughter and she looked at the letter in her hand.