A year passed in a flash, and that's how Zhao Guoqiang and his father lived. Only pity Yuling, busy at both ends every day, even so, there are also meetings or busy in the village, no time to cook, at this time, Zhao Deshun old man went to Jinxiang's restaurant to eat steamed buns, but also passable. Several times, Gao Xiuhong volunteered to cook for Yuling. She did a good job. Guoqiang came home and saw that it was her. He was embarrassed and said thank you. Gao Xiuhong said it was nothing and turned away. The old man of Deshun said that the daughter-in-law had become steady in the past two years, which had something to do with her father-in-law not being a branch secretary. You should pay attention to being a branch secretary now. Tell your sisters that they should all be men with their tails between their legs. Don't be so beautiful. The old man of Deshun has recovered very well in the past six months. He has been busy in a large field all day. This year, because of the planting of new varieties, the sticks are all two feet long, which makes him very happy. He keeps saying that the reform is good. In the past, the little sticks were so bad that they grew like children's chickens when they were a little dry. This is so good that they are better than donkeys. Because the dam of Nanhetao has been built into a high dam that can withstand the once-in-a-century flood, the front street of Dongzhuang has completely avoided the disaster of flooding. A main road crosses over, and both sides have become the precious territory of Sanjiang Village. After some planning, shops and restaurants were built along the street, and the village committee also built a two-storey building facing the street, which had reception rooms, offices, broadcasting rooms, and family planning propaganda rooms. At present, Zhao Guoqiang only holds the post of village branch secretary, the village director is the pillar, and there are several members such as Yuling and Fugui. The pillar originally did not want to be a director, but also wanted to be a militia company commander,interactive whiteboard prices, but at the villagers' meeting, the villagers said that they had to unload some burdens for Guoqiang, and they could not let him be too tired. Zhao Guoqiang also strongly advocated giving the post of director to others, and with the same meaning, he pushed the pillar up. Behind Zhao Guoqiang's house stands a white-tiled building, with an iron fence outside and a guard guarding the gate. This is the crystallization of Zhao Guoqiang's five years of painstaking efforts-Sanjiang Village Fruit Processing Factory. At present, it mainly produces "Qinglong Brand High-grade Fruit Tea", which has some influence in the domestic market. The investment of this factory is nearly 3 million, and the production line imported from Italy is used. Half of the money was raised by the village itself and half was a loan. The money in the village mainly comes from brick factories and lime factories,Interactive digital signage, as well as part of the income from greenhouse vegetables. At the same time, there are villagers who buy shares. In this way, the factory is a collective enterprise, Zhao Guoqiang is also the factory director, and Fugui is the deputy factory director. Fu Gui is careful and has certain management ability. In addition, Li Guangtian was also arranged to be the deputy factory director here, in charge of the purchase of raw materials. Others had opinions about this and told Zhao Guoqiang that you were asking for trouble. Zhao Guoqiang said that the more people engaged in the four modernizations, the better, not to mention that he was my former secretary, and that conflicts had already passed for eight hundred lifetimes. As long as he was in good health, he would be invited to come out. When Li Guangtian heard about it, he didn't say anything. When he arrived at the factory, he did his duty. Every time he bought hawthorn, he slept outside the cellar door and personally inspected it. In the past two years, dozens of fruit processing factories have been built in the county, all of which rush to buy hawthorns, and hawthorns are suddenly less. He went directly to the tree to collect it. For this reason, he fought with Qian Mantian's men and almost killed them. Up to now, he still has a scar on his head, facial recognition thermometer ,smart interactive whiteboard, which was hit by a stone. For this reason, he has always been bitter about Qian Mantian. With these industries in Sanjiang Village, the living standard of the common people has been greatly improved. Apart from anything else, the employment of these three factories alone has made almost all the young people in the village work. The wages are all paid by piecework. They work day by day. The villagers do not often see money after selling grain in autumn. They can earn it on weekdays. In addition, some public welfare undertakings in the village do not have to go door to door to collect, the village has basically undertaken, to achieve this point, there are not many in the county. Zhao Guoqiang's reputation is naturally very high, but Zhao Guoqiang's pressure is much greater than before. Let's say the loan is for three years, and it has to be repaid when it is due. During this period, we had to try our best to make more profits, but the electricity was not enough, and it stopped at every turn. None of the three factories could play without electricity, and the loss was too great.
For the matter of electricity, he used all kinds of tricks, such as inviting guests, giving gifts, asking acquaintances, and looking for leaders. The head of the county electric power Bureau said that it was not that I didn't give it to you, but how much did you use? The problem was that the whole county owed me electricity charges, and the people above the power grid didn't give me electricity, so what could I do. There is no way here. The customers who ordered fruit tea all ran away. They went to Hexi Qian Mantian. Although Mantian's fruit tea factory was built in the back, it developed very fast. The electricity he used was pulled from other counties. I don't know what method he used to keep people well. There was basically no power outage there. This is the great advantage of others. Zhao Guoqiang once looked for Qian Mantian and asked if he could use the electricity from other counties with him. Qian Mantian said no, saying that he wanted to increase the capacity but failed. That is to say, but we all know in our hearts that the two fruit factories in Hedong and Hexi are not brothers, but rivals. Zhao Guoqiang's fruit tea is called Qinglong Brand, Qian Mantian's is called Qingsong Brand, the difference of one word, followed by huge benefits, followed by different ownership, Zhao Guoqiang's benefits are attributed to the village, to everyone, how much Qian Mantian earns is attributed to individuals, for several years, the two families who earn more and earn less, has been the concern of the whole village.. As soon as the snow was lighter, Yuling arrived at the village committee. Although the outside of the small building of the village committee is very bright, the inside is not very fastidious. There are rough wooden tables and benches, no heating, an iron stove, a chimney poking out of the window, and coal piled up in the corner. Yuling made a fire quickly. The coal was burning well, and the chimney was pumping loudly. It was not long before the chimney neck was burning red, and the house warmed up immediately. Someone pushed the door and came in. It was Jinxiang, Feng Sanbo and Sun Wanyou. As soon as Jinxiang entered the room, she said, "Your aunt is really hard to find. If it doesn't snow, you can't stay in the house." Yuling said, "The county women's Federation is going to have a meeting, and I have to do some investigation, so I didn't stay here honestly.". What's the matter? Jinxiang looked at the two and said, "Who said that?" Sun Wanyou said, "You say it." Feng Sanxian said, "You speak more clearly than we do." Jin Xiang said, "Well, I'll say it.". We want to give your brother, Secretary Guoqiang, a matchmaker. Feng Sanxian says: "Very good,face recognition identification, still big girl." Sun Wanyou said, "It's time to get married again." Yuling waved her hand and said, "Let's stop here. My brother said that he would not mention it for at least three years. I'm sorry for my sister-in-law Guizhi if he mentioned it." 。 hsdtouch.com