I suddenly realized that what Gao Ming wanted from the mountain pass was the legendary "Chrysanthemum Plan"? That's the top secret of the Japanese spy department! In front of me, the nanny fished up the big lonely goldfish from the water tank and carefully put it in the chrysanthemum glass tank and handed it to me. Mr. Gao, Madam explained that this goldfish was given to you, and she asked you to take it back and feed it well. Remember, don't fry it. Alas! It's her lifeblood! W w w. X iaoshu otx t. C o m (/t/xt | small/say/day/Tang) Chapter 74 The Chrysanthemum Project. After the nanny left, a cold wind blew, and I stood there with the fish tank. I suddenly understood that what Gao Ming wanted was in the belly of the goldfish. This is too secret. My God! Who would have thought of such a brilliant idea as hiding in the belly of a fish? When I got home in the evening, I went straight into my study with the fish tank. I closed the door, took out the knife, picked up the goldfish in the fish tank, carefully cut open the belly of the fish, and finally got the information that Mr. Yamaguchi had sacrificed his life. The information is contained in a very small wax-sealed bamboo tube, which is composed of tiny characters. I know from his file that Mr. Yamaguchi is a seal carving enthusiast, which is not difficult for him. After opening it carefully,touch screen interactive whiteboard, I took out the magnifying glass and looked at the content. I almost stood up. It was the legendary "Chrysanthemum Plan"! It is hard to imagine how much effort Gao Ming and Yamaguchi have made for this. The enemy may have speculated that Yamaguchi had come into contact with the Chrysanthemum Plan, and after investigation, it was found that he had a close relationship with Gao Ming, so they killed him. This may also be brilliant, which is why I was hunted down by Japanese spies. I took a long breath. This information will be very important to both the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. I must give the relevant content to my barber Wang Shuli as soon as possible. As for the exact content of the chrysanthemum plan,4k smart board, I will not reveal even a word for the time being, because it is too. I haven't seen my barber since the last time I saw him before the siege. He doesn't allow me to have frequent contact with him. But something happened recently is imminent, and I must discuss the countermeasures with him personally. One is to try to rescue the felt hat shoemaker, the other is to find out the secret of Wu Keren's hiding in the Yangtianchi Canyon of Louguantai, and the other is that he must cooperate with me to get the latent list. I prepared and was about to go out when I heard the phone ringing in the front hall, as if Xiao Zhao was answering the phone. I gently opened the door of the study. No matter what happens, Xiao Zhao will come in and tell me, but I don't want the phone call from the provincial office to find me, or Zheng Jie to find me, because Xiao Hong is not at home, smartboards in classrooms ,electronic board for classroom, she will not miss this opportunity. Brother, brother! My sister Xiao Hong came back from Yunnan. She was at the railway station. It was dark and unsafe. She asked me to pick her up right away. I think you should go. In fact, she's waiting for you to pick her up! Xiao Zhao came in and said. Is it? It's the same for anyone. She's going back to her hometown to tell me. I'm really a little afraid of her! Ha ha, so, you and Wang Ma go to pick up quickly, I wait for you at home. Xiao Hong came back very suddenly. I didn't even have a premonition. According to reason, I should pick her up in person, but I had more important things to do, so I had to refuse. Ok, let's go. If Sister Xiao Hong comes back angry with you, don't blame me! Xiao Zhao was a wise man. He knew I had my own ideas, so he didn't force me any more and turned around. After they left, I closed the door of the study, read the Chrysanthemum Plan of Yamaguchi, and memorized it in my heart. It seems that Mr. Yamaguchi did not have time to meet Gao Ming before he was killed. He may have felt that the situation was not good, so he had to hide the written information in the belly of the fish and quietly told his wife. www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m. t. xt.. Small Say God. Don.. Chapter 75 Felt Hat Shoemaker. I stood up to go out when I heard the rhythmic sound of the window of the study facing the backyard. The walls of the Gaojia Courtyard were so deep that there was no back door at all. Xiao Zhao and Wang Ma had gone. It was strange that someone would come and knock on my window when it was dark? Crazy? I swished out my pistol and pulled the safety.
"A hundred battles on the battlefield have broken iron clothes, and the south of the city has been surrounded several times." I raised my gun close to the window and suddenly heard the people outside reciting Li Bai's poems. This poem is my secret code with Wang Shuli. Once he can't contact me, there will be other traffic officers to contact me in time. Did he have an accident? "The sudden camp shot and killed the general Huyan, and led the remnant soldiers to ride back alone." I responded, immediately opened the curtains and opened the window, and a masked man in black and a top hat jumped in. Director Gao, it's me, I'm Wang Shuli's traffic officer! Then the man took off his hat and pulled open his mask. I was surprised. Isn't this the felt hat shoemaker who was in custody in the hospital! How could it be you? Did something happen to Lao Wang? How did you escape? I quickly pulled him down and couldn't wait to ask. You can rest assured that Lao Wang has just rescued me. He was shot in the leg, but his injuries are not serious. He has been safely transferred. Now your city is under martial law. You may receive a call immediately. Before the shoemaker could finish his speech, the telephone rang in the front hall. Wait for me, be right back! I quickly rushed out of the study to the front hall. Sure enough, it was Group Leader Luo's phone. He said that there was an accident in the hospital. Director Wu was at the scene and asked me to go there right away. I went back to my study and gave the shoemaker the information I had written in advance, which, of course, did not include the chrysanthemum plan I had just got. The shoemaker took it over and looked at it carefully. Do you remember? I asked him. I remember these three things. Director Gao, it's not too late. I'm leaving. I'll report to Lao Wang right away! The shoemaker got up and handed the page back to me. I set it on fire in the ashtray. Go to the front door. It's all right. They're not at home now. I say Ha ha, no,smart boards for conference rooms, where to go from where, Director Gao take care, see you later! 。 hsdsmartboard.com