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Yue Xiaochai-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Shen Mufeng, I have heard of your evil deeds for a long time, but because I have made an oath, I can't go to find you to eliminate evil for Wulin. It's rare for you to come to me tonight. I want to do a good thing for Wulin colleagues." The bamboo stick rises quickly, and the head of the pocket falls. Shen Mufeng no longer avoided this time, waving the magnetic ruler to fight back. Immediately, there was a fierce fight. Yue Xiaochai suddenly raised her hands and slapped each other. Suwen and Xiaohong rushed out of the cottage and handed a soft sword to Yue Xiaochai. At the same time, they pulled out the long sword from their backs. Xiao Ling also slowly took out a one-foot-eight-inch golden sword from her bosom, ready for the enemy. In the heart but secretly pay the enemy and our situation, as long as the Hong mother-in-law can deal with Shen Mufeng, oneself to the golden light monk, Yue Xiaochai and two maidservants with all their strength to the golden flower lady, poisonous hand medicine king, and then recruit a hundred miles of ice to deal with the witch childe, can be a draw, as long as the forgetful Abbess does not help the enemy, the key to victory or defeat lies in their own and Hong mother-in-law's victory or defeat against the enemy.. While thinking about it, Abbess Wangqing suddenly said, "Shen Mufeng, if you order the group to attack, the old nun and his disciples will also attack." Shen Mufeng fought with Granny Hong and shouted, "Mrs. Zhang, if you stop Abbess Forgetful Love, we'll have an 80% chance to win." With a long sigh, Mrs. Chang said, "Sister, if you want to help Granny Hong, you need to kill your sister-in-law." As he shouted, he pounced on Abbess Forgetful. Abbess Wangqing dodged away. Mrs. Zhang, who had not yet recovered from a serious injury, said a lot of words to support her True Qi, but she felt helpless early. As soon as she missed the collision, she could no longer stand steadily and fell straight to the ground. Without looking back or squinting, Abbess Forgetting Love grabbed Mrs. Zhang with her left hand. She touched one of Mrs. Zhang's acupoints and said, "Zhang Cheng, take good care of your wife." Zhang Cheng answered, came over and took Mrs. Zhang. There was a scream, and the man with the golden face and the iron hand suddenly fell to the ground. Then a fishy smell came to my nostrils. With a wave of the whisk in his hand,fake ficus tree, he killed the poison close to him with a brush. "Go ahead quickly," he said hurriedly. "They have already released the poison in the dark." "Master," said Yue Xiaochai, "please hide in the cottage." In fact, this time, in all directions, there has been a poison attack, there are strange poisonous snakes, centipedes, scorpions, and so on, rushed to come. Abbess Sanjue waved her sword to protect Mrs. Zhang. "Master," she said, "are we going to wash our hearts in the cottage?" "That's the only way back," said Abbess Forgetful Love. Zhang Cheng held Mrs. Zhang in his arms and strode forward. Abbess Sanjue held the sword and then protected each other. Yue Xiaochai said in a low voice, "Suwen and Xiaohong, protect Mrs. Zhang." Zhang Cheng handed Mrs. Zhang to Suwen and turned over to block the front. At this time, all kinds of poisons, together to the cottage. Abbess Forgetting Love, silk cherry blossom tree ,artificial banyan trees, Abbess Yue Xiaochai, Abbess Sanjue, and Zhang Cheng each wielded their weapons and struck the poison. These people are all very skillful, although the poison is numerous, but also can not approach a few people. Holding the Golden Sword in her right hand, Xiao Ling took two steps and said, "Elder Hong, you are surrounded by poison. Don't continue to fight. Let's retreat into the cottage first." As he spoke, he cut off several poisonous snakes with a wave of his golden sword. "Get out of my way," said Granny Hong. "Don't worry about me." As soon as the bamboo stick is tight, the offensive is even more fierce. "This old lady has an old and violent temper," said Xiao Ling to herself. Wield the golden sword to help her kill the close poison. Suddenly Master Jin Guang gave a sneer and said, "Xiao Ling, you have stabbed me with a sword, and I want to give you back a burst of flying cymbals with nine rings." Suddenly his hands moved, and two strings of golden awn rolled in. Xiao Ling brandished her sword, and there was a crisp sound of gold and iron touching each other. But the flying cymbal was like a winged thing, and after being fended off by Xiao Ling's sword, it immediately spun up again. It turned out that Master Jinguang's nine-ring flying cymbals, a cymbal array composed of nine cymbals, were sent out by hand, and then urged by internal force, pushed and pointed by palm, and attacked the enemy in series. It was indeed a must in Wulin. Xiao Ling was trapped in a chain of flying cymbals, and for a moment, she couldn't get out. At this time, the king of Poisonous Hand Medicine said, "Master, I will help you." "Good," said Master Jin Guang! You capture Xiao Ling from the left. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly felt dizzy and rushed forward a few steps, spitting out a mouthful of blood. It turned out that when the Poisonous Hand Medicine King spoke, he secretly gathered his strength and hit Master Jinguang on his vest.
This palm was the result of the skill of the King of Poisonous Armor. Although Master Jinguang had peerless skill, he could not afford it. He only felt his internal organs turning over and blood rushing out of his mouth. But this person's skill is really outstanding, endure the heavy blow, suddenly turn over, pounce on the poisonous hand medicine king, push out a palm. Poisonous hand medicine king did not expect that after he hit the palm, he could still fight back like this. He could not dodge and waved his hand to take the next palm. Double palms meet solid, sounded a big shock, poisonous hand medicine king stuffy hum, back five steps, fell on his back. At this time, the flying cymbals lost control and were shot down by Xiao Ling's golden sword. They leapt up and raised their swords to the golden light monk. When the cold awn passed, blood spattered, and the head of the golden monk flew more than ten feet away. With a sword, Xiao Ling cut off the head of the Golden Light Monk. She hurried to the Poisonous Medicine King and said, "Elder.." I saw several poisonous snakes biting the ears and nose of the king of poisonous hand medicine. With a wave of her golden sword, Xiao Ling cut off the poisonous snake and picked up the Poisonous Hand Medicine King. At this time, a figure, shot down from the tree, fell on Xiao Ling's side. It turned out that the hundred-mile ice was hidden in a big tree, monitoring the enemy's situation, and it was too late to hear the sound of the king's stuffy hum and jump up to rescue him. Poisonous hand medicine king sends palm to attack the golden light monk secretly, to the palm is injured, but in an instant, in the field already strange changes. The sorcerer screamed and fell to the ground. Looking back, she saw Lady Jinhua straightening her hair on her temples and saying, "Shen Mufeng is the only one left." It turned out that when the Poisonous Hand Medicine Jade secretly attacked the Golden Light Monk, the Golden Flower Lady also poisoned the Witch Childe at the same time. She secretly put the white line and bit the Witch Childe's left wrist. Then, she waved her hand to attack. The two men fought five strokes. The white line was extremely poisonous. The Witch Childe was hit in the chest by the Golden Flower Lady and fell to the ground and died. As soon as the witch died,decorative palm trees, the poison was out of control and gradually retreated. Xiao Ling said sadly to the Poisonous Hand Medicine King, "Elder, please rest at ease and let me kill Shen Mufeng to relieve your hatred." 。



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