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The willow setting sun crosses the heart finger

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The man with rosacea nose was now covering his blood-stained face, and he was so painful that he jumped to his feet. A pair of tiger-head hooks had already been thrown to the ground, and he was so weak even when he groaned. Zhao Qitao broke into a cold sweat and said in a loud voice, "You.." Well, what do you want? Guan Gu nodded and said, "As you said just now, it's very simple." "What do you mean?" Said Zhao Qitao. "I have changed my mind," said Guan Gu with an expressionless face. Zhao Qitao was taken aback. "What do you mean?" He asked. Guan Gu frowned impatiently and said, "Originally, I wanted to ignore this busywork and let you deal with it after I taught that tricky girl a lesson. But now I have to intervene, because you are quite unfriendly to me. Besides, it seems that she is not responsible for this case between you and her." Zhao Qitao hurriedly said, "You.." How are you staying? "In a word," said Guan Gu coldly, "walk!" Surprised and angry, Zhao Qitao said, "Are you, are you going to force yourself to stand up?" "Even so," said Guan Gu sullenly. Blue veins burst on his forehead. Zhao Qitao said angrily, "My friend, you'd better think about it carefully. Our'Tianlongbao 'is not so delicious. Don't get yourself into trouble." "I'm already in trouble," said Guan Gu coldly. Zhao Qitao roared: "What are you?"? It's too much of a bully! Guan Gu said coldly,fake ficus tree, "Do you want to lose a nose, an ear, or an eye?" "It's the same with the rest of you," he added. "As long as you point out the place, I'm sure you'll be satisfied-no matter how you guard against it!" Zhao Qitao gritted his teeth and said, "That means you want to fight with us for this woman?"? Do you want to have a grudge against Tianlongbao? "It's up to you," said Guan Gu. "If you're interested." Beads of sweat as big as soybeans rolled in and dripped from the forehead door. Zhao Qitao looked back at his buddies in despair, and his buddies were all pale. They all froze there and did not know what to do. Of course, just now Guan Gu showed his skill,large ficus tree, which made the people of "Tianlongbao" feel frightened. They naturally understood how excellent Guan Gu's skill was, and they knew better what kind of result they would get if they wanted to work hard. This result is not difficult to guess, like standing on the cliff to jump down the same-this jump, in addition to the broken bones, is the broken feet, obviously there will be no other miracle. Zhao Qitao gazed at his assistants with painful eyes, which had complex meanings of asking, asking for help, demanding, encouraging and so on, but his assistants were all pale and flinched to turn their eyes away. As a result, Zhao Qitao understood the despair and impossibility of the situation, he hesitated, hesitated, embarrassed and angry to bite his teeth into his lips! Guan Gu once again opened his mouth coldly: "I am not a patient person, faux ficus tree ,large palm trees for sale, everyone." With a sudden stamp of his foot, his Adam's apple trembled rapidly. Zhao Qitao twisted his face and said, "You are cruel!" Guan Gu smiled without expression and said, "Please." Zhao Qitao waved back and shouted, "Let's go!" Four people just walked to the edge of the forest, Zhao Qitao suddenly remembered something and stopped. He turned heavily and stared at Guan Gu bitterly: "At least, your Waner must be bright, right?" "Looking for me?" Asked Guan Gu coldly. Adam's apple trembled again, and Zhao Qitao said strongly, "Not bad!" After a pause, he added, "I believe you are the same." Guan Gu smiled without a smile and said, "That makes sense." Zhao Qitao said slowly, "Don't you want to shine?" "My name is Guan Gu," said Guan Gu lightly. He opened his mouth wide, and his two eyes suddenly stared straight. After a long time, Zhao Qitao returned to normal. His lips were shaking, and he said with difficulty, "Guan Gu?"? Guan Gu, the God of retribution? With a slight sense of tiredness, Guan Gu said, "It's rare for you to know.".
” Pale face, Zhao Qitao staggered back a few steps, he again deeply stared at Guan Gu for a while, finally without saying a word, turned around and led his partners to leave in a hurry! As soon as he stepped forward, Li Fa stretched out his thumb and said, "That's enough strength, eldest brother. All of a sudden, you've broken their courage!" Guan Gu said coldly, "It took me twelve years of hard training." Li Fa rubbed his hands and said shyly, "Of course, brother, it's not easy!" Guan Gu cast his expressionless eyes on Jiang Erning, who was standing there, looking happy and relieved, with some pride and indulgence. Jiang Erning emerges a kind of conceit and contempt for everything that beautiful women are accustomed to, as if to express that a woman's beautiful face is the best reason for a man to serve. Discovering that Guan Gu was looking at her, Jiang Erning straightened his face and said proudly, "Although I don't have a good impression of you and I don't want to thank you, you've finally done me a small favor. So let me say'thank you 'to you." "You're welcome," said Guan Gu coldly. Jiang Erning said disdainfully, "Do you think I'm really grateful?" "I didn't think so," said Guan Gu indifferently. Jiang Erning smiled coldly and said, "You can't give your men a little look at all. Otherwise, you'll all be so light and soft that you don't know your last name!" Guan Gu said slowly, "I don't feel that way either!" Jiang Erning stared and said angrily, "What do you think you have?" "What do you think you're so good at?" Asked Guan Gu. Jiang Erning got angry and shouted, "a rude madman like you is really rare for me. What else is worth selling besides your quick hands?" Guan Gu said calmly, "This is enough for me to enjoy all my life. And what can you show off except that you are barely born like a woman?" "Bah!" Jiang Erning stared and said,artificial grass panels, "If you hadn't done something for me just now, you would have got a skin rope from me now!" "I didn't do anything for you just now," said Guan Gu. "It was just my own preference. Your'stuff 'isn't enough for me." 。



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Вы здесь » Bella_and_Edward » [Анкеты] » The willow setting sun crosses the heart finger