The place was on the west side, very close to the main house. After all, it was unavoidable for outsiders to use it when they came to visit. If it was far away, it would be a little inconvenient, so we walked there quickly. Yuzhu and Helan waited outside, whispering, and when Du Ruo came out, he made people go to the nearby well to fetch a bucket of water for her to wash her hands. "There aren't even any maids in this house," said Yuzhu. "There are only some women. They're either boys, with rough hands and feet. I just asked them to fetch the pancreas. I told them several times before I found the right one." To say that the wealth of the palace is wealth, but these servants are really a bit off the table. Du Ruo said, "He didn't have many servants at home before. It's all right if he can use it. He's so busy. I'm afraid he doesn't have time to take care of it." The last time she came, he didn't want to be a servant. The whole house was empty, just like the palace in her dream. Whether it was Zhao Yu or He Xuan as the emperor, the palace always gave people a feeling of desolation, without much vitality. It's not a good place. It's not a place where ordinary people should stay. She walked back slowly, thinking, halfway suddenly heard Yuzhu, Helan mouth called Wang Ye, she raised her head, only to find that he Xuan actually came. Now she was standing on a narrow path. It was like a narrow encounter. There was no place to hide. She had to look at him and said with a smile, "Brother Xuan,outdoor spa manufacturers, have you finished talking to my father?" "Yes." He Xuan's tone is light. His face was also very pale. In his eyes, the brilliance was shining, but there seemed to be something hidden behind it. She gave a thump in her heart and said, "I'm going back now. My mother, is my brother still in the main room?" "What's the hurry?" He said. "I want to talk to you." Du Ruo's heart beat even faster. She almost took two steps back. She managed to calm down and said, "What are you going to say?" "Go in and say something." He said. Du Ruo had no way, at this time she wanted to refuse, only afraid of his identity,outdoor hot tub, and did not want to easily destroy their hard-won close relationship, although this direction was a bit unexpected to her, after all, she never thought he Xuan would have anything for her. It seems that it is not easy for a person like him to be interested in anyone. She followed him. Walking to the left from the path, there was a clump of bamboo grove. She didn't see this place when she came back to the palace. It was probably because it covered the latrine, so he didn't bring her over. Who would have thought that it was a very quiet place. In this bamboo grove, there was also a bamboo house with a hoe in front of the door. It might have been lived by a flower farmer, but there was no one now. It was quiet. The long green bamboo leaves fluttered slightly, casting a little green shadow on their clothes. The quieter it was, the more nervous Du Ruo became. She went to the bamboo house, which was brighter than in the bamboo forest. She turned to him and asked, "Now can you speak?" She raised her face with a controlled calmness that made her look even more lovely. He Xuan took two steps closer and said, "Why are you always avoiding me today?" Just a word, immediately let her pretend to be broken, her eyelashes trembled, massage bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor endless pool, bit her lip and said: "What do you say, I did not hide from you." "No?" He raised his eyebrows. "How many words did you say today?" "What does a few words have to do with hiding from you?" When she saw him coming, tall, as if he had quickly congealed into a cloud over her head and enveloped her, she could not help retreating, but after a few steps, she retreated to the wall. The hardness let her know that there was no way to escape. Today she is avoiding him, because she does not know how to face, she is afraid of what he said, let her at a loss, this must be a very difficult thing. She was suddenly breathing fast. His eyes fell and he saw her chest rise and fall. The fourteen-year-old girl was already growing very well. When she moved like this, her chest seemed to have waves, and the peach blossoms on her skirt were particularly brilliant. He looked into her eyes again: "I'm just asking you a question. Why are you so afraid?" He bent down slightly. Already close, she was even more nervous, lowered her eyes, saw the edge of his blue robe, suddenly remembered something, with a bang in her mind, her face was red, and she was too busy to cover her lips.
Exposed eyes shy and flustered, like a clear spring, full of water, he Xuan saw her this action, stunned, then understood what, could not help laughing, she should not think he wanted to kiss her, how could she think that? Even if he is really reminded by her now, but how to say, Du Yunhe and Xie Shi are in, he can not do this kind of thing. His laughter was clear and his eyes were gentle. Du Ruo did not know how to put this hand again, she suddenly found that she had done something stupid! Obviously, he hasn't kissed her yet. Why does she cover up. She wants to dig a hole in the ground! They looked at each other, and the blush on her face almost spread into her eyes. He stared at it for a moment and said lightly, "Go back. Your father will send someone to look for you later. What do you think I have done?" She's finally free! When she saw him turn around, she put her hand down and felt her wrist was sore. They walked back along the road. He was in front of her. She didn't dare to go up. She dragged a few feet away. He stopped to wait for her and said, "Do you still want me to ask about what happened just now?"? Hurry up. When Du Ruo heard this, he immediately quickened his pace and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. He Xuan has a headache, but sooner or later she will have to face this day, just give her time to adapt. He didn't ask again. She followed closely beside him, her mind in disorder. Quiet on the road, no one spoke again, fortunately soon to the main room, Xie Shi saw Du Ruo actually came with He Xuan, some strange, but in front of him did not ask, they sat for a while, then left back to the Du family. In order to please Du Yunyan, Du Xiu clearly stood on his side,jacuzzi suppliers, so she did not go to the palace to be a guest, but went to Aunt Tang. Aunt Tang almost disappeared from Du's house these days. No one mentioned her again. Even Du Yunyan might not go there for a long time. When Du Xiu arrived, Aunt Tang was embroidering and handed her a pair of shoes: "Now I have more time. I made a pair in a few days. You can wear it. I added soles to these shoes. They are very comfortable to wear." 。