"I want to discuss it with you." Kyoko looked at the women and then said, "We can call the police here, or we can kill these slaves and get rid of them, and we can dig rock salt here, and we can continue as we are now.". I think it's up to the majority to decide which way to go. Now, please state your own opinions. Rie first made a statement and answered Kyoko's words. Rie has been infatuated with Kyoko to the extent of infatuation. She was close to Kyoko, afraid that Kyoko would leave her. What about you Kyoko asked Sumi for advice. I don't want to leave here. If I can move freely on the ground without restriction in the future, I want to stay here and live until the palace is excavated. Sumi's attitude is very clear. Kyoko chimed in: "That's possible. The accumulation layer in this rock salt cave is very thick and worth tens of billions of yuan." "I listen to Kyoko." Sumi finished, put down her glass and lowered her head. What do you think? Kyoko turned to Reiko and said, "Do you want to go back to being an actress?" "No," Reiko flatly denied. She explained, "It's impossible to be a movie star again, and I want to return to the film industry. Today, when I am familiar with and experience this kind of black joy, my pursuit of black joy is far greater than my pursuit of acting skills. I also asked to be a member of this family." Reiko said, reaching down to her knees to greet Kyoko. Understand Kyoko nodded, and then she shot her eyes at Yoko and Noriko, and then stopped at Keiko. Say,whirlpool hot tub spa, "What about your attitude?" "I follow Kyoko's advice." Yoko dropped her hand to the knee and said. Noriko's attitude and Yoko's habitability, after finishing, lowered his head. Keiko did not make a statement. She was silent. Keiko, what about you? Kyoko asked by Keiko's name. You are the queen here. Keiko's words are prickly. Kyoko replied with a straight face, "The palace is managed in the form of a meeting of all members. Now, with about 170000000 yen in cash, a life like ours can easily last for about 20 years.". But the palace should be made more beautiful and luxurious,indoor endless pool, with a fantastic color. This is necessary. So we have to rob the money once or twice more, and if we all work together, it's entirely possible to rob money from men. Therefore, in order to achieve our goal, we must unify our will, and the seven of us must work together like sisters to manage the palace. If any of us is discontented, it will bring trouble and even make our previous efforts useless. It is based on this understanding that we have decided to adopt a collegial system. A collegial system also needs a leader, but not a queen. Kyoko's words revealed her long-planned plan. Then you are the leader. Keiko's tone was irreverent. Kyoko stared coldly at Keiko. She thought, Kyouko may be a dangerous person, if Kyouko is not sensible, wanton and unbridled and lead to the collapse of the palace, then kill her without hesitation. I'm not dissatisfied, but who can I get? Keiko hurriedly declared that she was staring at Reiko. It's voluntary. We don't force it. Who do you like? Kyoko asked Keiko. I like Reiko. Keiko spoke bluntly. You said Reiko? Reiko, best whirlpool tub ,endless pool factory, what's your attitude? Kyoko asked Reiko again. I'm all right, whatever. Lingzi said. Then she added, "Let me be with Kyouko." "That's all right." Kyoko nodded slightly. As soon as Keiko heard this, she immediately hugged Reiko and kissed her. Seeing this, Kyoko could not help frowning slightly and announced in a loud voice: "I remind you in advance that you must be voluntary in any case. Please don't forget this." It can be seen that Reiko, who claims that she has a tendency to be abused, has the joy of self-abuse for serving Keiko, which Kyoko notices. Rie put her hand on Kyoko's knee. Yoko grabbed Sumi's hand, and Sumi didn't mean to resist. Only Ze Zi has no one to match with her. I can handle it. I'll abuse the slaves. Ze Zi said with a loud smile. The days of despair passed by.
Yamaoka Keisuke, Ishizaka Etsuo, Nakata Kenzo three people dragging shackles to work all day long, in addition to cleaning, washing, cooking and other daily labor, but also engaged in the palace expansion project. When they have free time, they also use rock salt to make chandeliers. Between jobs, they are also abused by women. Not to mention the abuse, but also a lot. Women often went up to slaves who were working and slapped them in the mouth unexpectedly. The women fanned the slaves, and the act excited them. They made their slaves sit down and beat them until their palms hurt. Then, the slaves were stripped naked and crawled on the ground, and the women waved whips to make the slaves cry. The women were amused to see such a scene. Yamaoka, Ishikari, and Nakata were beaten to pieces. Ze Zi is the most ruthless. She laid Yamaoka on her back, straddled Yamaoka's face, let her lick her pussy, and let Yamaoka drink her urine. In the morning and in the evening. As soon as she felt the urge to urinate, she slapped Yamaoka in the face, laid him down, and sat on his face. After Yamaoka drank Noriko's urine, he had to kneel down to express his gratitude. The three of them could not touch a drop of alcoholic drinks, and what they ate was the leftover soup left by the women. When the women were eating and drinking on the throne, Yamaoka, Ishikazu, and Nakata had to wait on them in a regular manner. When women drink too much, they often take advantage of drunkenness to fight, beat with their hands, kick with their feet, and beat the three of them rolling and crawling, with a satisfied smile on their side. In high spirits, they also let Yamaoka and other three people perform masturbation, who is the last to make sperm,jacuzzi manufacturers, who will be punished. On the fifth day after the palace slave "coup d'etat". The women invited each other to leave the palace together. Before they left, they took adequate precautions. Yamaoka and other three people were handcuffed, handcuffed in front and back. Then they were relieved to leave. monalisa.com