Lin Yu stood up and followed the team to assemble. Because of the rain, the ladder is wet and slippery, and it is very easy to slip on it and lose its balance. Most people have some timidity and scruples when they just start training again, but when Lin Yu walks up, he still takes the same steps as before, and he is not afraid of slipping at all. At the moment, he feels in a good state. He doesn't have to think about anything, but just concentrate on his feet. They have two teams going to the Andrew Boyd International Competition. He is in the first team. The results of each team are recorded according to the last place. He doesn't have to work too hard, as long as he doesn't hold others back. Even if he did make a mistake, so what? No one is going to die, not him, not anyone else. That's good enough. Lin Yu ran to the end of the ladder, gently smiled, perhaps others will see that he is happy for his success, but in fact, he is laughing, since when, he Lin Yu also hold such a simple mentality and live? Don't stand out, don't drag people down, it's good to be safe, when did he become such a person? Walking down from the ladder,whirlpool hot tub, he unconsciously raked his head and remembered when he pressed his palm on the top of his head, which seemed to be Cheng Xu's habitual action. After a pause, he put his hand down. Lin Yu remembered that this was the strategy he had set for himself after he was kicked away by Cheng Xu for the first time. He was kicked back to the original unit from the sharp blade, and all the people were waiting to see him. He no longer strives for the first place in everything as before. Instead, he hides himself in a safe corner, calculating carefully and making progress step by step. Even when he participated in the selection of the sharp blade, he also held such a strategy. Because he knows that with his ability, he can easily pass the physical and technical test of the blade. In the whole training,outdoor whirlpool, only a handful of times, he was really working hard, but most of the time, he hid himself in the crowd, looking for a safe corner. There was a sudden burst of applause all around. The training captain read out a time, which was shorter than what he had just said. At the end of the ladder, a man from the second team was coming down from the top with a happy face. Obviously, he was just stimulated by Lin Yu, no longer timid, and even created better results than Lin Yu. Lin Yu unconsciously pressed down the tip of his eyebrows, and in his ears he repeatedly and automatically played back the results of the man just now, but it was really. Harsh. Another person climbed the ladder. This time, the person who went up obviously learned from the double stimulation and lessons of Lin Yu and the last person. When he reached the end, the training captain read out a shorter time, and the crowd burst into applause again. The man who had not come down at the end of the ladder smiled shyly and proudly, endless swim spa ,Whirlpool bathtub, and in an instant, Lin Yu almost overlapped the man with himself in the photo taken by Tan Wei. He finally remembered that once, for him, climbing up or winning the favor of his boss was just an additional reward after his achievements broke through again and again, but now it seemed that he was putting the cart before the horse. Lin Yu narrowed his eyes slightly and once again raked his hair unconsciously. He is not a person who is as detached and simple as Tan, but he should not be a person who is afraid to muddle along for utilitarian purposes. Even if the gun hits the first bird, the hunter's marksmanship must be accurate enough to catch up with his speed. Everyone turned again, a new round to start again, Lin Yu walked up the ladder, looking down at the people below, he has indeed had enough of hiding their own days. Why can he participate in two super missions in succession, why is he qualified to participate in this competition, from the beginning is not Cheng Xu deliberately biased to take him, but he has the ability to get all this. He will prove this to everyone, including Cheng Xu. 32 To ward off Yu Qian's fist and turn slightly sideways, Lin Yu stretched out his foot and kicked Yu Qian on the back of his knee. Yu Qian was kicked forward, Lin Yu took the opportunity to meet him, threw him down, sat on his back, did not give him any chance to resist, holding Yu Qian's chin with one hand, pressing his head with the other hand, and breaking hard to the right.
Accompanied by a light sound between the bones, Yu Qian gave a strange cry, and the whole person lay on the ground, unable to move again. Lin Yu stood up and stepped aside. It took less than a minute for him and Yu Qian to walk to the middle of the training ground and prepare for the fight until he got up and retreated. In Lin Yu retreat at the same time, Mo Bei has rushed into the field, to check Yu Qian's state. After a while, Yu Qian stood up with the support of Mo Bei, holding his still dislocated neck and glaring at Lin Yu, "Bastard Lin Yu, are you going to kill me?"? Ah! Kill me? Kill me? Kill me? Yu Qian's angry roar swirled throughout the silent fighting training ground, and the onlookers who were shocked by Lin Yu's ferocity finally came to their senses. Xu Man's face "scared me" poked Ai Zheng beside him, "Hey, hey, what's the situation? Why do I feel that Lin Yu seems to be stimulated by something this time? Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Without waiting for Ai Zheng to respond, Xu Man held his chest again and slanted his head, "but you can't either?"? Didn't they take the first place in the game? The commendation conference has been held. Didn't Zhou Xian of the second team come back and say that when Lin Yu was training, he shocked all the people in other companies, and when he was abroad, he shocked the foreigners again! It's all like this. He shouldn't have been depressed by anything. Xu Man said to himself, but as soon as he turned his head, he saw Ai Zhengzheng's face wandering and did not know what he was thinking. Xu Man put his elbow on Ai Zheng's stomach, "Hey!"! I'm talking to you! Ai Zheng returned to his senses, glanced at him, and stared at Lin Yu muttering, "the captain's mind." Who can guess. "Huh?" Xu Man opened his mouth wide and looked at Ai Zheng with a face of "Are you sick?" "Brother, I'm talking to you about Lin Yu,whirlpool hot tub, not about the captain, OK? Can we concentrate a little bit and pay attention to what people are saying? Ai Zheng glanced at him again and responded disdainfully, "Summer insects can't talk about ice." 。