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Li Liang-Contradictory Heavenly Master

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But he didn't want to carry this scum for too long, so he had a plan. He threw Wu Ziwei to the roof, and then suddenly threw him down. There was a loud bang, and the beams were broken. Wu Ziwei had fallen into the house. There was a commotion everywhere, and he probably found the situation. Let her mother think he broke his head! Mao Dun smirked at the masterpiece again, and before anyone came after him, he quickly slipped to the wall and threw out a fire along the way, ready to burn him. Jin Wutang immediately fell into chaos. They seem to have come prepared this time, outflanking from the outside, unless Mao Dun can escape, otherwise will not escape the fate of arrest. There is only one place that no one will search. That is the residence of Wu Lingyu, the birdcage covered with green vines in Yuzhu Xuan. Mao Dun had long thought of using it as a place to escape-as long as the people of Jinwutang went to Jinfeng Pavilion to put out the fire, he could easily use the birdcage to escape. Everything was as planned, and he quickly dodged into the cage. As it was night, the wild birds were not used to night vision, so they were disturbed, but there was not much commotion. Even if they call occasionally, it is easy for people to think that they are disturbed by the noise everywhere. Who would have thought that at the door of two palm-sized birds, Mao Dun would shrink in with the bone-shrinking skill of Maoshan Ninjutsu. Although everything went well, the smell of bird droppings was unpleasant, and Mao Dun hoped that the blockade line would soon move to Jinfeng Pavilion so that he could get away. At this time, the sound of fire fighting was heard everywhere, and there was another shout of pursuit. Mao Dun saw a fire in the distance from the gap of the birdcage, and the pleasure of mischief made him snicker. One day, she will know how powerful I am by burning the buttocks of the flowers. Mao Dun looked not satisfied,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, simply stretched out his head to explore clearly, this exploration, he was stunned. The cage was on the side of the roof, but on the roof stood a girl in Tsing Yi, who calmly looked at the bearded boy at the end of the cage. Mao Dun saw her charming double chin and recognized who she was. "Second Miss?" In his embarrassment, he was still deeply attracted by her beauty. Wu Lingyu still looked at Mao Dun in silence, his eyes flashing from time to time, as if he wanted to be sure of something. Mao Dun was very nervous, but thinking that Wu Lingyu was deaf and dumb, she might not know all about her past, even if she knew, it didn't matter, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, anyway she couldn't shout out. What's more, she wasn't ready to shout. Mao Dun couldn't help but be bold. He smiled and said in a friendly way, "How is everything, Miss?"? I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. Mao Dun laughed and said, "The birdcage can come in handy. Have you ever used it?" Wu Lingyu still stared at Mao Dun. Believing she couldn't hear, Mao Dun said to her, "It's so beautiful, Miss. I'm so fascinated by it that I can't wait to kiss you.". It's a pity that I have a grudge against your family, otherwise I would pursue you and marry you as my wife. Mao Dun fantasy pursuit of her wonderful realm, can not help but wait, a face of intoxication. Wu Lingyu did not know whether he understood the meaning or was embarrassed by Mao Dun's expression. He blushed. Fortunately, it was night and it was not easy to detect. Mao Dun wanted to say more, but Wu Lingyu suddenly leaned over and nervously pushed him back into the cage with one hand. Mao Dun was feeling strange when a voice sounded under the house: "There is an assassin. Has the little sister been found?" It's the voice of Wu Lingxue. He seemed to remember that his sister was deaf and dumb, so he switched to sign language. Wu Lingyu shook her head. She chuckled and said, "It's a pity you didn't meet him. I heard he was the little devil who nailed the birdcage for you.". He burned down Erniang's house, and I was very happy! Wu Lingyu just smiled shallowly and did not know if he understood. Don't rush, and they dare not search. Even if they come, I won't let them search. "I'll go and see what's going on," said Wu Lingxue. "I can't say enough to help that boy." Then he made a reassuring gesture and turned to the south. Wu Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Mao Dun with a slight sense of embarrassment. "Are you really Mao Dun?" He wrote on his finger. Mao Dun had to nod, a little embarrassed. Why didn't you leave last time? "Stealing from your father!"! Mao Dun felt that she didn't seem to understand, so he wrote, "Don't you know?" Wu Lingyu did not nod or shake his head, but still stared at Mao Dun. It seems that you really don't understand. Mao Dun had no choice but to write: "Go to learn martial arts!" Wu Lingyu wrote happily: "Have you learned?" "Almost.".
"Are you still going?" "Can't you go?" Mao Dun wrote with a smile, "I burned down Erniang's house. I can't leave." "You have a grudge against her?" She was a little excited. Mao Dun wanted to say that he had a grudge against the Wu family, but then he could not bear it, so he had to nod. Wu Lingyu was silent and soon said, "Did you hunt the snow fox?" "You could say that." Mao Dun nodded. I'll take care of it. Wu Lingyu chuckled sadly and wrote, "Someone wants to catch you. Shall I send you out?" "Yes!"! For the sake of your friendship with me, I specially allow you to help me. Wu Lingyu was very happy and immediately looked around, but felt that there was no one around. Fang asked Mao Dun to dive out of the cage and follow her back to her room. Bedroom tidies up spotlessly clean, have more faint orchid fragrance, let a person smell it relaxed and happy. Mao Dun had long been attracted by the silk embroidered beauty on the left wall. She looked a bit like Wu Lingyu. She should be her mother. Wu Lingyu just rummaged in the wardrobe and finally found a black skirt and handed it to Mao Dun with a half-smile. This is Mao Dun suddenly came to his senses and was dumbfounded: "Do you want me to dress up as a woman?" Wu Lingyu seemed to understand his expression, nodded, and blushed himself. Mao Dun laughed at himself a few times: "Well, see what you really want to help, I will reluctantly play a woman..." He took off his coat stained with bird droppings and put on a skirt, which made him want to laugh even more. It's like an improved Taoist robe! Even if it's softer, it's much more comfortable. In high spirits, he also twisted the lotus step, teasing Wu Lingyu to cover his mouth and laugh. Mao Dun played several times, but felt that everything was in order,ultrasonic handheld welder, but one thing was missing. He aimed at Wu Lingyu's chest, but he didn't expect that the place that was flat three years ago would stand up now. It was the Mood for Love, and it was very charming. I don't have one. Give me a tomato or something. 。



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