Wu Jie said thoughtfully, "I once went one hundred and fifty miles into the desert of the Western Regions. I heard the old man of the camel team say that two hundred miles to the west, there is a mountain range across the desert, and there is a wind valley in the mountain.". There is a strong wind in the valley all the year round, and not a blade of grass grows. But in the coldest month of the year, when snow covers the mouth of the valley on both sides, the valley will be full of bright flowers. The scene was spectacular, like a fairyland. It is said that there is a flower charm inside. After a long silence, Chongcai said coldly, "Nonsense.". It's not that spectacular. Wonderland? Hum It doesn't say. The witch smiled and said, "You and your master will be safe, believe me." Then he got up and walked behind the sorcerer's mirror. He patted him on the shoulder and said, "Well, don't be sad." I.. Unbelievable. I Wu Jing sobbed and said, "I've been.." By.. The sorcerer sat behind him and said, "Though …" Uh There was a moment, but.. But maybe she didn't see anything clearly. You don't have to say it again, I know. I was seen. The voice of the sorcerer's mirror was like mourning: "I was seen by a man." Mine Witches are the most important to their own snake body,thermal imaging camera, even between the same race, also try not to meet with the real body, let alone exposed to the front of other people, that kind of humiliation is stronger than the Zhou people naked to be seen, it is difficult to bear, is always changing into a human form. When Ming was trying to capture the soul of the sorcerer's mirror, he was pushed out by his mind,touch screen kiosk, but at that moment, the sorcerer's mirror was tempted by consciousness, and his instinct suddenly gained the upper hand, releasing the snake's tail, and Ming recognized him as a sorcerer. I Should I kill her? The sorcery mirror thinks seriously. Now it seems, unfortunately, no. Just because she's the one. That what. "" "Hu Lu Adasa," said the sorcerer, "I don't know the exact meaning of the ancient language of my people. It should be an inviolable person." "Inviolable?"? I'm in charge of.. The blue veins on the forehead of the sorcery mirror were in disorder, and he was about to get up, but he was pressed by the hand of the sorcery robber, and he could not stand up. Mirror, calm down. Besides, temperature check kiosk ,face detection android, you can't hurt her. "I don't know about that sentence, but it's amazing. I think it can probably break all the prohibitions against her." She said last night. An inviolable person.. It's an old saying. This sentence has appeared in the annals of history many times, and I used to think it was just some kind of honorific.. "Then I.." With two bangs, the sorcery mirror popped up two bronze swords. "There is a way to kill her without prohibition." Ouch! Wu Jie unceremoniously pinched his wrist. The pain was so painful that half of Wu Jing's body was numb. He said, "Then I'll warn you once. At least don't touch her until the matter of Bu Yuetan is over." www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Section 47: Zhou Tian · Bu Yuetan (Part 2) (20) T @ xt` small $say $heaven "hall" "What, what shit!"! Ouch. The pain made me.. Do you have any kinship with a man who goes crazy at the sight of a woman? Didn't you hear what she said? Oh, you're probably too deep in humiliation to think about it, haha.. Okay, okay, I'm not right! Jing Jun, you listen to me once, don't think too much, this woman and my clan relationship is not shallow, can't take it lightly, why do you mind too much? I.. Whoo. I can't "All right, listen to me." Wu Jie patted him on the shoulder and said with a straight face, "She has confirmed that Bu Yuetan was set up by the Yellow Emperor.". On the other hand, it confirms her identity. She said something else you might be more interested in. It is said that Bu Yuetan was set up by our clan, the people, and the demon clan to suppress a certain person. Once this person escapes, it will have a huge impact on the three clans. "Do you believe in such big words?" "I have to believe it.". Think about it, how could her words of breaking the ban be so powerful if they were not given by my family? I guess, probably for the source of the demon clan, she also has a way to crack. Although my race, the human race and the demon race have lived in harmony for thousands of years, they have never had a common covenant and oath on a certain matter.
Four thousand years ago.. Wu Jie frowned. "At that time, it was said that the Yellow Emperor, who later became a God, was still alive. If he really participated in it personally, it would be really terrible." If it is such a big event, why are there only two simple sentences in the annals of history? I remember that even the dream of the King of Shang about the destruction of the alborada in the sea of fire was recorded in several cars in the historian's hall. I feel strange, too. It's not just the annals of history. I'm afraid word of mouth has become a legend by now. But have you ever heard of it? Four thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor had defeated all the princes and ruled the world. I can remember the legends about that time. It's just the Qinggong thing. He tilted his head toward the witch's mirror. The sorcery mirror rolled its eyes twice and exhaled heavily: "Absolutely impossible!" The sorcerer spread out his hands: "I feel the same way." As he spoke, he heard the woman snorting and was about to wake up. With a cry of despair, the sorcerer's mirror jumped up and ran out of the cave. He was heard roaring outside the cave, beating the slaves and making trouble. The sorcerer shook his head with a snigger and said to the woman, "Is the girl awake?"? I haven't asked the girl's name yet. "My name is Ming." "Good name.". The girl didn't seem surprised to see my face. "I have a good friend who is well versed in medicine. His face is much uglier than this, but I don't think he is ugly at all, because he has a heart that is willing to sacrifice for others." "Well, it's a shame that I'm only a drag on others." "Your Excellency's name?" I am not your excellency. Please just let me rob you. When Ming heard this, he was shocked. He bowed and said,touch screen digital signage, "So it's the elder who is going to rob Your Highness.". The little girl was rude. "Girl..." said the witch in surprise. Ming looked up and said with a smile, "Your Highness, are you surprised that the little girl is well informed?" "…… It's a pity that your information is very slow. 。 hsdtouch.com