Bao Bufan killed people without looking back. He only used a knife, and he only used one knife and then left, because as long as he used a knife, it was very difficult for him to escape his fatal power. My good brother, I haven't seen you for many days. What's wrong with you? Thought you.. Stop it, we're together again, ha. Bao Bufan's laughter did not stop until he stood in front of Xuan Zheng. When he saw the grey old man on Xuanzheng's side, his face tightened and he said, "Brother Xuan, this man is.." Xuanzheng said coldly, "My Shizu, Brother Bao, don't laugh between us. You probably already know." "What do you know?" Asked Bao Bufan. "Didn't Zhou Tiantian mention it to you?" Xuan Zheng asked. Zhou Tiantian had a vicious fight with Fang Chuanjia, and Zhou Tiantian almost did not kill Xuanzheng. Now that Zhou Shangtian has come back, the news will surely spread to Bao Bufan's ears. Bao Bufan looked up to the sky with a big laugh and said, "Lao Zhou said that he praised you for your more advanced martial arts. It's gratifying." "I want to see Guan Shanhong, Brother Bao," said Xuanzheng. "He's not here," said Bao Bufan. Xuan Zheng said lightly, "I know he's not here, but if I go directly to Happy Dam, you will be unhappy." ’ After a pause,interactive panel board, he added, "Isn't that right?" Bao Bufan giggled. From his laughter, we can easily see that it is full of tricks and murder. He suddenly stopped laughing and said, "Yes, and I have Master Guan's orders in my hand." "He wants you to kill me?" Asked Xuanzheng. Bao Bufan nodded and said, "If we lose the value of use, it will become our scourge. We must try our best to reduce the number of enemies." "Where are you going to use your sword?" Asked Xuanzheng. "Of course not," said Bao Bufan,interactive panels for education, "where I earn money. That would scare off my guests. He threw his hand around and said, "How can such a wonderful place be beyond bleeding?"? What a pity. "Tell me," said Xuanzheng, "before you take out your sword, are you a pack of wolf-hearted people?" Bao Bufan looked up to the sky and laughed. He was really happy. He must have been very pleased, too, for not only did he laugh, but he laughed so hard that he could not even speak. Xuanzheng listened to his laughter and felt uncomfortable all over his body. Since he saw Bao Bufan, he was immediately on guard. It can also be said that since he entered the gate, he was ready to fight at any time, because the "sharp knife" Bao Bufan was too fast. Once he saw Bao Bufan take out a knife to cut off a fly that had fallen on the tip of his nose. He took out a knife when the fly was flying, and cut off the head of the fly. At that time, the headless fly fell to the ground and bounced off a few times before it died. This kind of thing, Xuan Zheng will never forget. He will never forget that Bao Bufan is the first tiger general under Guan Shanhong. Now, he is facing this tiger general, 65 inch smart board ,classroom interactive whiteboard, cold tunnel: "What is funny?" Bao Bufan stopped laughing. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Brother Xuan, you and I used to work together for about two or three years."? Why do you ask this question irrelevantly? It's really funny for a moment. Funny. Ha-ha He began to laugh again. He doesn't have much meat on his face, and when he smiles, he looks like he doesn't smile. This kind of smiling person is the most slippery and insidious, Fang Chuanjia is very unhappy, but he did not open his mouth, he just hit the person in the nostril to hum. Xuanzheng's men were holding a long canvas bag, which, of course, was his three-section silver gun, and Bao Bufan knew it. Xuanzheng said, "In the past, I only knew that Guan Shanhong took good care of me and was able to buy my heart. So I killed for him, just as you still kill for him now. I never asked him about his past, including your origin.". "What do you care about that now?" Asked Bao Bufan. "Now I want to find out where he came from to prove one thing," said Xuanzheng. What do you want to prove? "He told me to kill people, and he said that if the Manchus were not eliminated, the Han people would be miserable, and that righteousness.." But when I was in trouble, why didn't he ask? He There seems to be a great conspiracy. He only told me to eat white powder. If you don't eat it, you will cheat me. Why? Bao Bufan smiled again.
He laughed and said, "Master Guan loves you, and he takes good care of you. He wants us all to love you as brothers. In this way, even if you die under his arrangement, what is there to complain about?"? Why do you ask so many questions? "When I die, of course, I admit it, but when I escape, the situation is very different from before, and I must find out." "Do you want to know if we are from the northwest?" "I thought he was," said Xuanzheng, "because he stirred up trouble in the dark, and many of the troops in the West suffered a dark loss. If he wasn't a spy, why did he do everything possible to help those people in the northwest who rebelled?" Suddenly, Bao Bufan clapped his hands and immediately saw a pretty woman coming towards him. The woman was very submissive to Bao Bufan. She stood on the left side of Bao Bufan. Even if Bao Bufan took off her skirt, she would not have the slightest intention of resisting. She would not even move when Bao Buyan hit her. If a woman obeys a man, she must be like a poor lamb. Xuan Zheng felt that this woman was like a lamb facing a big wolf, with the appearance of running away or staying. Sir! The daughter's voice was so gentle that Xuanzheng had never heard it. But Bao Bufan said coldly, "Go to the kitchen and bring me a piece of braised pork knuckle. I'm hungry." The little woman turned and walked away. Xuan Zheng's eyes widened in surprise-he froze. But Bao Bufan said with a smile, "Brother Xuan, I will answer your words with action, so that you won't distrust my words." At that moment, the figure flashed, and the woman flew back. Her tender white hands were holding a wooden plate, on which a piece of sauce elbow meat was placed. The fragrance was overflowing, and it was still steaming. Bao Bufan reached out and grabbed the sauce elbow. He said with a smile, "The front leg meat of the pig is much better than the back leg meat." With that,interactive touch screens education, he opened his mouth and bit it down. Bao Bufan ate the sauce elbow meat, chewed it for a while and swallowed it. "At least.." said Xuanzheng. I know you're not from the northwest, just as I know Zhou Tiantian is not. 。