Our team had just passed a turning place when suddenly a large group of octopuses appeared in front of us and blocked our way. Those octopuses were all staring at Kuangba one by one. There were five or six of them. With our current strength, if we fought with so many octopuses, we would only have a dead end. I'll take these octopuses to the front, and you can clear them in the back. Remember to be careful and don't attract more monsters. Said, Kuang Ba ran quickly to the front, the octopus like a tail, with Kuang Ba disappeared in the public's line of sight. I led the crowd to continue to walk forward, everyone's heart is very heavy, because we all know that a person with so many octopuses forward, no matter how strong he is, how much life value, can only be caught alive in the end, the reason why the bully chose a person to go to the front, because he did not want everyone to die with him. Let's clear the past. Don't worry. Even if Brother Kuangba is dead, we have a way to save him. Don't forget that our Jingda Sect Leader can bring back life. And when I saw that they were silent, I enlightened them, saying. After listening to my words, everyone's mood was much better, and there was a smile on their faces. I was afraid that Kuangba would choose to return to the resurrection point after his death, so I quickly sent him a message telling him not to move if he died, and we would use rejuvenation to save him. Xiaojing saw that her rejuvenation was finally going to play an important role at a critical time,push back racking system, and her face was full of smiles. After a while, Kuangba's message came back. He said that he had stood in the corner in front of him. It was a 90-degree corner. Although there were six octopuses following him outside, only two could attack him. So he was safe now. We should slow down and clear the past. Safety first. Be careful, everyone. Brother Kuangba is now at the corner ahead. I used magic to attract an octopus. Everyone stands here and doesn't move, so as not to attract too many octopuses. I said no, motioned them not to move, and walked slowly towards the corner step by step, staring at the deepest corner,warehouse pallet racks, for fear of any accident. Finally, I had seen the octopus that was wandering outside, because he could not attack Kuangba, he was swimming around behind the other octopuses, looking for the right place. All right, that's you, I said to myself, and with a wave of my hand, a lightning strike hit the octopus accurately. After being attacked, the octopus flew to my side like lightning and grabbed me with its seemingly soft but lethal claws. Hey, I'm afraid you won't come. As long as you come, you won't go back alive. Seeing that my goal had been achieved, I ran with the octopus to the army behind me. When they saw that I had brought back an octopus, they immediately took the hint and surrounded the octopus in the middle. You cut me with a knife. Although the outnumbered octopus knew that he had been taken in by us, it was too late. In a short time, mobile racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, he turned into a pile of pieces. In this way, I brought the remaining octopuses over one by one, and then destroyed them one by one with the efforts of all. Kuangba was still unable to hold out until we destroyed the last octopus, but while we were still fighting desperately for the last octopus, Xiaojing had already run to the front alone. I knew that she must have gone to try out her new skill that she had not yet used-rejuvenation. When Kuangba walked back to the team, everyone's mood was much better in an instant, and their passion was surging. After this battle, everyone had a new understanding of how to clear and attract monsters on the mysterious warship, which was a very useful experience for us in the future. As soon as one wave is flat, another wave rises. Just as they started a new journey and were ambitious to go out, a new trouble appeared. Not far ahead of us, a monster in red clothes appeared. We didn't know what it was, so we had to get closer to see it. Who knew that just a little closer, the guy seemed to be skating on the ice. He slipped in front of us and swung his weapon at us.
Kuang Ba saw that the monster came over, the first reaction came over, raised the ruling staff in his hand is a move of Lianyue swordsmanship, who knows that guy actually did not eat this set, Kuang Ba's powerful attack cut on its body, unexpectedly only reduced its life value by 40 points, not much better than cutting on the guard of the divine ship. Did we meet some super monster? I looked at the red guy in front of me from top to bottom. Apart from his special clothes and a hat, I really couldn't see anything special about it. Then I looked at the name-the red guard, dizzy, another guard, but the guard was just a monster of ordinary size. I looked at the attributes again, weak electricity, strong physical defense, weak magic defense, high physical attack. As soon as I saw it, I knew what to do. Since this guy's physical defense was so powerful, I would use electric magic to let it taste fresh. Thought, I am a hell thunder sent in the past, as expected hit this guy's weakness, hit it more than 80 life value, its attention also moved to me, no longer pay attention to other people, directly to me. Haha, you are a guy in a thick coat. I won't force you to come. If you come, I will run away. What can you do to me? I saw the baby in red rushed towards me, hurriedly hid behind them, let them entangle it, but I began to sneak attack in the back, one by one hell thunder down, the scarlet letter on the head of the baby in red constantly, in a short while, this guy went away with hatred, when he left, he lost a few gem coins according to the usual practice,mobile racking systems, but they had seen too many gem coins along the way. Now there is no excitement and enthusiasm at the beginning. After tidying up the baby in red, the team continued to move forward. Because there were too many monsters, we were tired of "cleaning up". We were extremely tired at the moment. There was no excitement and enthusiasm in our hearts at the beginning. There were only some mechanical movements and numb nerves left. jracking.com