"But I don't have any money. If you don't believe me, go and check it out." He had just returned to China, and it was only because he thought it was interesting that he stepped forward. Did not expect later in the wedding scene is to see a good show, he thought the bride gentle and no temper, will certainly suffer. Unexpectedly, the other party not only strongly cleared his suspicion, but also unilaterally decided to terminate the wedding. You've been gone for almost a month, and there's something you may not know. The man suddenly looked up and looked at the position behind the white moon: "Jingming was injured and changed the hospital after he woke up. Can you guess why they transfer to another hospital?" Looking at the man's reaction, Bai Yue felt wrong. He immediately turned around and met the eyes of the two men opposite him. Su Baiyue, what are you doing here? It was Yangzi who could not help opening her mouth first. She was holding the arm of the person beside her. When he saw the white moon, he looked at the people around him subconsciously, and his face was a little nervous. The man beside her looked at the white moon, frowning at the white moon, looking a little confused. Moments later, not knowing what to think of, he crouched down with a painful face and covered his head. …… Brother Jing Ming? Are you all right? Yangzi did not care about the white moon. He helped Jing Ming with his arm and said eagerly, "Brother Jing Ming,warehouse storage racks, shall I take you back to rest?"? Don't think too much. I'll have a headache later. Jing Ming was helped back by Yangzi, and as he walked, he looked back at the white moon, as if he wanted to come over. But not knowing what Yangzi beside him said, Jing Ming stopped and looked at Bai Yue and the man beside her in a complicated way. The backs of the two men gradually disappeared in front of them. Do you see that? The man beside Bai Yue said jokingly, "Your husband has congestion in the back of his head and may temporarily lose his memory for some time.". Yangzi has been with him all this time, and people around him seem to be bringing them together. I believe you will receive the divorce agreement soon. Bai Yue has been in the hotel for nearly a month,heavy duty metal racks, but she didn't pay attention to the things outside. Jing Ming's amnesia did not occur to her, but whether it was true or not, it was not a bad thing for her. There is no Jingming in Su Baiyue's wish, and Baiyue will not force herself to live with him for a lifetime, so they naturally have to divorce. But if Jing Ming loses his memory, divorce may be much easier. Why are you so concerned about these things? To the surprise of Bai Yue, the man in front of her was very clear about what had happened and even told her all about it. I'm waiting for your divorce. The man raised his eyebrows and raised his lips. "I hope I don't have to wait too long." Bai Yue was admitted to the hospital for surgery, the man stayed for a while to see Bai Yue simply ignored him, very helpless to leave. Not long after the man left, Yangzi came to him. Since she wanted to divorce, of course, Bai Yue had to meet Yangzi, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and they made an appointment in the coffee shop next to the hospital. As soon as he saw the white moon in the coffee shop, Yangzi opened the door directly to see the mountain and said, "I want you to divorce Jingming." She reached out and put the two divorce papers on the table and pushed them in the direction of the white moon. When she saw Baiyue, Yangzi panicked. She did look around for Su Baiyue some time ago. She also called her with Jingming's cell phone and sent her a text message, but all of them did not reply. Jing Ming such a situation is she did not expect, but this is better, after the amnesia of Jing Ming simply do not remember anything. In his eyes, she was not the one who was so scheming that she hit him with a bottle, which made him very disappointed and disgusted. More importantly, after losing his memory, Jing Ming did not even remember the existence of Su Baiyue. Jing mother although some trouble, but in the end also do not like Su Baiyue, simply to their son transferred to the hospital. Full authority to Yangzi to take care of, euphemistically called to cultivate the feelings of two people. Yangzi also acquiesced in such an arrangement, and even recently, under the persuasion and coaxing of her and Jing's mother, Jing Ming has signed a divorce agreement. After all, no one will like a vicious woman who worships money, for Su Baiyue to worship money, even if Jing Ming does not believe her. Is it difficult not to trust Jing Mu and even his other good friends? In addition to the edited video, Su Baiyue personally admitted it.
"The compensation is very good. Isn't that why you married Jing Mingge?" Yangzi looked at Su Baiyue, who was looking at the divorce agreement carefully, with some contempt in her heart: "You should know that now the Jing family and our family are standing on the same line. If you don't sign the money now, it won't be so simple in the future.". Be too greedy. Be careful. She paused and uttered four words with a menacing look in her eyes: "Both men and money are lost." "Are you so anxious for me to sign that you're afraid Jing Ming will recover his memory when he sees me?" Bai Yue put down the divorce agreement and said with a smile, "And even if we divorce, when Jing Ming recovers his memory one day, do you think he won't resent you?" "You don't have to worry about this kind of thing!" Yangzi's face darkened and he drew out a check from his bag. "This is an extra reward for you. If you are sensible, put it away and disappear." Even if Jing Ming recovers his memory later, at that time he had already divorced Su Baiyue, how could it be so simple to save it? And after Jing Ming recovered his memory, he would certainly hate her and stay away from her when he remembered what had happened before. In that case, she might as well do it to the end. She had the support of Jing's mother, who told her that as long as they had got a marriage certificate or had a further pregnancy before Jing Ming recovered his memory, Jing Ming would naturally compromise at that time. Yangzi put the check on the table, reached out and stroked his hair. When he touched the bangs on his forehead, his movements stiffened and he looked at the white moon bitterly. The last wound was sewn with several stitches, and although it was healed, it left a scar in the end. The scar can be eliminated, but at the sight of the white moon, the scar seems to begin to ache again. The Jing family is too stingy. Do you want to send me away by giving me so little? Bai Yue glanced at the check on the table and smiled. "Or do you think Jing Ming is worth so little?" In fact,heavy duty cantilever racks, the Jing family seems to have spent a lot of money to get rid of her, but now it's not the white moon that's in a hurry. Although she was not interested in the compensation of the Jing family, she did not want to see Yangzi's cocky expression. jracking.com