Jing's image seems to know what Xiao Xian is thinking in his heart, holding his beard and roaring. Its sound is pure and thick, like a horizontal flute in the lips, the sound shakes for several miles, the forest birds fly, the thousand leaves tremble, the wind stagnates and the spring congeals, and the empty valley echoes. The whistling sound curled up, and then there was a long roar, but the roar was more and more sonorous, like a giant arm beating a drum and an iron finger ringing a bell, corresponding to the roaring sound of the scene. Each of them was good at winning. When the little string heard it, he wished he could beat the rhythm and sing to strengthen his mind. The roaring roar was getting closer and closer, but it stopped abruptly. A man suddenly appeared in the middle of the road and strode over. "Brother Jing roared and startled Pei Feng. I'm really in high spirits!" "If not, how can you invite your brother?" Jing said with an honest smile. Hua Xiang Rong and Shui Rou Qing stepped forward and said, "I've seen Uncle Wu." The little string saw that the man was eight feet tall, with a full beard and a magnificent figure, like half of an iron tower. Every step on the ground showed a small pit, but it did not startle a trace of dust. After listening to the greeting of Hua Xiangrong and Shui Rouqing, he realized that it was the master of the three Duan brothers, the hero of the tomb, Tiancheng, who hurriedly came forward to salute. Rao had always been eloquent,aluminum tile edge trim, but when he saw the momentum of the hero, he could not say a word. The two nieces are exempt from courtesy. I don't know why Brother Jing asked me to come here. Wu Tiancheng answered, but he heard Jing Chengxiang whisper something in his ear. His eyes turned to Xiao Xian, and suddenly he was shocked, as if he had seen something very surprising. Jing Cheng looked surprised to see Wu Tiancheng, and his face was even more dignified: "Brother Wu, please take a step to speak." The two of them turned to one side of the forest, leaving only Hua Xiangrong,aluminum tile trim, Shuirou Qing and Xiao Xian looking at each other. Hua Xiangrong said to Xiao Xian, "This Mingpei Peak covers an area of more than three hundred mu. Here, the People's Pass is the Tomb of Heroes. On the left of Mingpei Peak is the Four Camps of Wenrou Township. In the middle is the Hall of Heaven. Behind the Hall is the Dianjing Pavilion. On the right is our Tower." Only now did Xiao Xian know that the four big families were all stationed on Mingpei Peak on weekdays. He looked around and said, "I heard Dad say that the names of heroes all over the world were engraved on the tomb of heroes. Why can't I see them?" Shui Rouqing said with a smile, "If you put a big tombstone on the main road of Renshan, wouldn't it scare people to death?" Xiao Xian thought it was reasonable, but he was not polite: "You are as timid as a mouse. I am not afraid. I will look for you when I am free." "Who is as timid as a mouse?" Shui Rouqing put her hands on her waist and said angrily, "Don't say I didn't warn you. There are strange doors everywhere in the hero's tomb. If you run around, no one can save you once you get lost." Xiao Xian also crossed his waist and said to Shui Rou Qing, "Why are you so proud as soon as you get home?" The flower wanted to let the two of them argue, so she quickly said to Xiao Xian, "What's so beautiful about a tombstone? Why don't my sister take you to the mansion to play?" The small string feels embarrassed to scratch the head: "listens to the explanation general row in the hero family's first, I may in the heart refuse to obey.". In my opinion, Uncle Lin should be in the first place in a few years. Shui Rouqing finally did not oppose Xiao Xian this time and clapped her hands. As soon as Hua Rong heard about Lin Qing, she hoped that Xiao Xian would say a few more words, but she was afraid that people would see that she was different. Small string also just, china tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, if let the water soft clear to see their own mind that is also good, must make Ming Peifeng everyone knows not, think of here first red face, hurriedly cover up: "first go to the tower, then go to the hero's house.". My father will like you. The small string listens to Lin Qing and the insect master to talk about this to be known as "the non-mellow wine does not drink, the non-wonderful rhyme does not listen, the non-good word does not chant, the non-beautiful woman does not look" four non-childe flowers smell the fragrance, in the heart early is greatly curious, compares the scenery image Dunru to be generous, the natural heroic spirit soars to the sky, but this is more suitable for his temper, hurriedly promised: "good, good, I most want to see is the flower uncle. As long as Sister Rong doesn't drive me away, I will stay in the building. … … ” Shui Rouqing is not happy: "Hum, if you have the ability, don't come to the gentle village." Xiao Xian thought of Suo Feng, Qi Wall, Jian Guan and Dao Lei in the gentle village, and his heart itched again.
Thinking that the two girls of Hua and Shui valued themselves so much that they were eager to invite him as a guest, they were even more delighted. They also forgot to fight with Shui Rou Qing: "Well, well, I'll go to the gentle village first, then to the tower, and then we'll go to see the hero's tomb together. Anyway, there's enough time for one or two months to play all over Mingpei Peak." … … ” Hua Xiangrong hurriedly said, "Don't rush blindly. The back hill is a forbidden place in the gate." … ” Shui Rouqing said with a smile, "Sister Rong and I are in charge. I promise you won't dare to run around." … ” The voice of Jing Xiang suddenly came: "You can't go anywhere this month. Stay in the Dianjing Pavilion and study the meridians and acupoints for me." Xiao Xian was stunned, not knowing whether he was too sensitive, but there was a rather strange sternness in Jing's voice. Looking up, Jing and Wu Tiancheng walked out of the forest side by side, and their faces were all solemn. He didn't understand what had happened, so he had to promise honestly. Tiancheng looked at the small string and did not speak for a long time. Xiao Xian was so frightened that he didn't know what he had done. For a moment, he was at a loss and stood restlessly. He wanted to hide behind Hua Xiangrong, but he was afraid of being looked down upon by Shui Rouqing. He dared to murmur, "I heard Dad talk about Uncle Wu's ability to distinguish heroes from heroes. Is Uncle Wu reading my physiognomy now?" Wu Tiancheng's tone was dignified, and he seemed to be talking to himself and said slowly, "It should be right!" Suddenly he woke up with a start and burst out laughing. He stamped his feet and turned around. He strode away without looking back. As he walked, he said, "What about knowing heroes and distinguishing heroes?"? So what if man counts and God counts? This difficult problem was left to brother Jing. … … ” The voice faded away and could not be heard. Jing Xiang was silent for a long time before he sighed and went forward. Three people dare not say more, hurriedly follow, the heart is full of all kinds of questions. On the top of Mingpei Peak, the first thing that caught people's eyes was a row of towering trees more than twenty feet high, which covered the road ahead so tightly that it was not transparent. Xiao Xian opened his eyes wide and saw that there were as many as a thousand giant trees. The branches were tall and straight, straight and vigorous, and there were no side branches. They were arranged very closely. All of them were stripped of their bark, leaving only the bare green and white trunks, which were scaly and dotted, vertically and horizontally, with a very ancient meaning. If the entire tree array is connected into a forest wall,aluminium edge trim, the widest part is only two or three inches wide, and it is difficult for people and animals to cross. But on the top of the high tree, the branches and leaves are flourishing and the insects are mutual. L。 jecatrims.com