"I'll find you sooner or later. You can't run away." Dry-handed flying demon shouted to the boat, and his figure flashed and disappeared in the distance. The nickname of the flying devil is not called for nothing. During the same period, there were also fatal accidents in the city. Nandu City God Balong's residence is near Shuiximen. It is said that his grandfather once served as an official in Beijing, so the residence is connected. Cloud, with the prosperity of gardens, is a huge mansion with more than thirty buildings. In the middle of the night, the inner flower hall of the guest courtyard was still brightly lit, and the periphery was heavily guarded. Uncle Ba and outsiders plot to entrap his enemies, and usually have secret talks with outsiders here; if he plots against his enemies, then Conspiracy with his confidant hiding in the secret room of the inner mansion. The guests tonight are Lord Hu, the newspaper officer of Ying Tianfu, Lord Wei, the inspector, and Lord Chen, the chief of Jiangning County, and the police chief. Yongqing. It is not correct to say that Uncle Ba communicated with the government. It should be said that the government fawned on him. Of course, the so-called government only refers to local officials. Words. They have discussed a more time, to discuss how to let the Longjiang ship line family destruction and death of the execution means. Also present were the two chief hatchet men of the Ba family, both of whom were nominally teachers of the nursing home,tile trim manufacturers, one surnamed Tao and the other surnamed Jiang. He is a well-known villain in Jianghu, and his name may be false. There are many servants and women in the back hall, who are busy preparing for the banquet. After the discussion is finalized, the host and guest will celebrate in advance. Fan. Ba Ye, but don't worry. Long Yongqing, the head of the police, was in high spirits and said confidently,stainless steel edging strip, "The three prisoners on death row that have been prepared are absolutely not." It will change. Lord Chen will hand over the case file to Lord Hu as soon as possible. It can be said that the case has been finalized, and the nine oxen cannot be pulled out. Come out! "This government office will also arrest the family members to the case as soon as possible." Wei Xunxun of Fu Xing also said triumphantly, "I believe the family members of Zhou Dongzhu." There are few women and children who can endure torture, and it is easy to make a confession under torture, which is absolutely impossible. There were no servants left in the hall, so as not to reveal the plot. Nandu Cheng Huang, who was sitting in the upper seat, suddenly found two more people in the hall. Really? Of the two uninvited guests, the older evil God of the four seas gnashed his teeth and said, "I feel guilty in the darkroom and pervert the law." Evil, officials and gentry collude with each other to destroy people and their families. Heaven and earth will not tolerate it. If you don't kill all of you, your hatred will be hard to get rid of. "Heaven and earth are not allowed!" Nandu Cheng Huang shouted in horror that the two sides had seen each other in the Longjiang River last time, so they knew at a glance. It is not because of the cruel words of the evil gods of the four seas that heaven and earth are not allowed to recall the memory of that night. Bold bandits. Wei patrolman shouted angrily and rushed out to capture him with both hands. The evil gods of the four seas were so angry that they clasped Wei Xunping's wrist pulse as soon as they copied it. As soon as they picked it up, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile trim, Xiayin suffered a fatal blow. Fuck off The evil gods of the four seas roared with a wave of their hands. Ah Wei patrolman let out a desperate cry. With a loud bang, he was thrown up and hit the wall heavily and rebounded to the ground. Hands and feet convulsed violently, howling. Stop. The two teachers shouted in unison and rushed to their faces. Yong is not allowed to cut out from the slanting thorn, the palm is like thunder, the rain splits the palm to cut on the left and right ear doors of the two people respectively, and the people fall out to the left and right. Zhang Wai immediately fainted. It's too fast to guard against. It's too fast. Nandu Cheng Huang was very good, and his posture was also fast. He shook his body behind Yong, and attacked his spine with a fierce punch. The strength was like a mountain. It is a mountain-shaking fist that can hurt people eight feet away. It is a kind of boxing skill that is as fierce as the hundred-step magic fist. If it is hit solid, the waist will collapse section by section, which is very overbearing. Yong was not allowed to retreat instead of advancing, and took two steps back to shake the mountain fist. "Poof!" There was a loud bang, and the fist hit the spine. "Ah.." Nandu Cheng Huang, on the contrary, lost his voice and screamed, and his right hand seemed to have broken a tendon. Yong could not turn around and fly quickly with one foot, sweeping the city God of Nandu away. He fell to the entrance of the hall with a bang and could not get up. Forget it, you can't do it! Yong can't shout in a hurry. However, the evil God of the four seas ignored his shouts and pounced on him. Stunned, Hu Tuiguan broke Hu Tuiguan's six Yang with one hand. Chief. If you're afraid of killing someone, go away! The evil spirits of the four seas screamed and broke Chen Zhubu's lumbar spine with one kick. This can be good, Nanjing is bound to chicken fly dog jump.
Yong could not shake his head with a wry smile, but could not stop the evil gods of the four seas from killing. Come on! The servants, who were preparing the feast in the back hall, heard a terrible cry from the front hall, but without the permission of their master, she They did not dare to approach and eavesdrop, and the master's punishment was very severe and terrible. Even if they were bold and not afraid of punishment, they could not get through the middle aisle, where a handsome young man was separated from them. A beautiful maiden with a sword on her body; like a gatekeeper. They thought they were the host's guests of honor, so they didn't dare to make a second approach. The handsome man and the beautiful girl are Li Yucheng, the son of the evil God of the four seas, and Li Yuzhen, the daughter of the evil God of the four seas. Those who are not allowed to appear appear a moment later, blocking the aisle and not allowing the people inside to pass through. The fierce fight ended quickly. At last only a faint groan of pain could be heard. Li Yucheng hit Nai Mei and walked away slowly. Stepping into the hall, the brother and sister were stunned. Two beautiful girls dressed as maidservants were checking the seven people who had fallen to the ground one by one. Of the seven, four were dead bodies with no breath. Nandu Cheng Huang lay prostrate on the ground, his hands struggling in despair, trying to prop up his upper body and get up, with a terrible cry in his mouth. Yin. Save. Help me.. The city God of Nandu collapsed and asked the two girls standing beside him for help. Are you worth saving? Asked the girl in the dark green suit. This young girl was precisely the girl who dealt with the evil gods of the four seas, and it was on the night of the Longjiang boat accident that she was rejected. A beautiful girl with a twist on her face. Please Death is the lightest punishment for you to do such a thing as is forbidden by heaven and earth. So you must die. The girl coldly Say. Neither of the two squad leaders died, but they were knocked unconscious by Yong's palm. By this time, Tao had already woken up. The figure rose violently, and the man surnamed Tao jumped up and shot at the back hall. Not good,tile trim factory, in midair, they saw Li Yucheng brother and sister standing at the entrance of the passage, and it was too late to turn back. You deserve to die too! Li Yucheng sneered and stepped further into the void. jecatrims.com