Ananda had already had the experience and was reluctant to wake him up, so he shrank in his arms, felt his warm body wrap his whole body, and traced the lines of his face in the dim light. The next morning, Chu Banning went to the barracks again, and this time, he did not come back for several days. It was freezing in winter, but the North Vietnamese had no intention of retreating, like playing chicken blood to attack the city every day, and the two armies suffered countless casualties. Ananda stayed at home every day, holding the little fox in her arms as an idle wife and cool mother, and was a little bored for a while. The two little foxes raised by Ananda ate vegetables every day, but because Ananda often fed them goat's milk and milk, the two little foxes did not lose weight because they did not eat meat. On the contrary, they grew up very healthily and rapidly. They grew up in a month. They no longer looked like the kittens they had just caught before. Finally, they looked like some fox spirits. Unfortunately, because the two little foxes are raised according to the standard of pets, the fox's habits are completely absent, but the cat is very skillful in inviting pets to act like a spoiled child. Miss, we may have to reduce the rations for Baymax and Xiaobai. One day, when Ananda took a cabbage leaf to feed the two little foxes,stainless steel tile edging, Ru Cui said to Ananda. Ananda was stunned for a moment and said, "Why?"? Don't we have enough money? Ananda, a corrupt element poisoned by feudal ideology, thought of this for the first time. Rucui looked at Ananda with a look of hatred that iron could not become steel and said, "How could you? Didn't you bring a lot of silver when you left Beijing?"? And the Empress Dowager's reward, even if you lie down to eat for a lifetime, you can't finish it. And the maidservant feels, there is Wang Ye,stainless steel edge trim, even if we are hungry, we will not starve you, but now is winter, vegetables this kind of thing money is also difficult to buy ah. Ananda suddenly realized that with the development of science and technology in his previous life, there were plenty of off-season vegetables in winter. And reborn in this world, because she is the daughter of the prime minister's family, there is no lack of vegetarian dishes in winter, so she has no sense of embarrassment that "no vegetables to eat in winter". And Tongcheng is located in the extreme north of the frontier, the winter is colder than the capital of the mainland more than a circle, the general sparse vegetables are not alive, and most of the people do not grow crops. Ananda raised his chin and thought, "Why don't we grow it ourselves?"? Reclaimed a field in the yard to plant some winter vegetables. After Ananda finished, he laughed. He wanted to grow vegetables in winter for the sake of the rations of the two little foxes. It was funny to think about it. Say out still don't know how to make people laugh at it, this is not sitting on their own two reputation? Who would have thought that the maid, stainless tile trim ,metal trim manufacturers, Ru Cui, with her eyes shining, looked at Ananda with an adoring expression of "How can you be so clever?" She said happily, "Miss, this is a good idea. As long as we keep the vegetable plot at a normal temperature, we should be able to grow it alive. Oh, the maidservant remembered that when she packed her luggage, she seemed to have packed a bag of vegetable seeds, and the maidservant went to look for them. These days, the two little foxes are such as Cui to take care of, such as Cui has taken care of the feelings, sometimes even feel that they eat almost does not matter, absolutely can not short the rations of the two little foxes. It happened that the two little foxes were trained to be vegetarian foxes by two idiots. In this winter, many people suddenly found that the rations of the two little foxes raised by Princess Su were even more expensive than those eaten by people. Such as blue to see the pressure mountain, said: "Only the fox raised by the idiot will eat more expensive than people.". Ananda didn't think it was an honor to be worshipped by an idiot maid at all. She looked at a certain maid who was in high spirits to find the seed maid. She silently turned her head and said, "She's not so stupid. It's all decided by the idiot maid herself.". As a result, in the temporary palace of Prince Su in Tongcheng, all the young men moved to change a piece of land in the yard into a square vegetable plot, and their princess was going to grow vegetables. When Ananda and Rucui play the role of temporary peasant women with great interest and live a life with a little money and a little farmland, the war outside becomes more and more fierce. When Ananda was farming and paying attention to the war, he heard a news from Mrs. He that made people laugh. War fanatic Zhao Qihua finally seized the opportunity to take advantage of the time when people are not paying attention, put on the clothes of the big Chu soldiers mixed on the tower.
Fortunately, Zhao Qihua was found to be a confidant of General Zhao, and Zhao Qihua was taken away in time, not letting many people know that there was a woman running up the tower. For this matter, General Zhao flew into a rage, even directly let people tie up his precious daughter with a rope and squat in the camp of the army. General Zhao's behavior was not only puzzled by Mrs. He, but also surprised that General Zhao, who spoiled his daughter so much, had put his daughter in prison in the cold days. Could it be that General Zhao finally reflected on the way he taught his daughter? When Ananda first heard about this, he still had a headache for General Zhao. He raised such a daughter. How much abuse did he do in his previous life? He would have such a daughter in this life. Who knows, after two days, after Ananda heard a message, he wished he could go directly to the cell in the barracks and drag Zhao Qihua out and abuse him a thousand times. The reason is that her family Wang Ye was shot in the back in order to save the bold Zhao Qihua who ran to the gate tower! When Ananda first heard the news, he felt that his mind was blank and he forgot to react. When she was carefully pushed by the maid to wake up, her heart was cold. Obviously, the earth dragon in the room was burning hot, but it made her feel more cold than in the middle of winter. Her limbs were stiff and she had forgotten to react. Captain Lin, how is Wang Ye. Ananda asked mechanically, feeling his throat dry and uncomfortable. Had it not been for the support of the maid behind her, she believed that she had fallen to the ground with weak legs. When Captain Lin, who had come back to report the news, saw that Ananda's appearance was not right, he quickly said, "Don't worry, Princess. This morning Wang Yeh has passed the critical period. Doctor Gu said that Wang Yeh's high fever has subsided and he is sober. His life is not in danger.." Wen Junshi said that since Wang Ye had woken up, let Wang Ye come back and take good care of his wounds. Wang Ye will be back soon. The strategist asked his subordinates to come down and inform you that you should be ready. When Ananda heard this,tile profile factory, he did not react for a moment, only to feel a stream of hot air rising from his chest and hardening in his throat. There was a kind of sour feeling of choking before he spoke. When he reacted, he found two lines of clear tears flowing down.