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I'm pregnant with the man's child.

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Liu Jingjing's face was a little white and she squeezed out a smile. "Does General Manager Zhao have any misunderstanding about Jingjing?"? I can explain that thing. It's not about Mrs. Zhao. I have no way out. I want to find Han Li. Zhao Shilu's cold eyes shot like an arrow, and she felt a chill on her back. General Manager Zhao, don't be so serious, which scared the little girl. Jingjing is a student of Nantah, and her sister-in-law is an alumnus. For the sake of her sister-in-law, at least listen to her words. Gong Tao said gently, motioning Liu Jingjing not to be afraid. Liu Jingjing dared to take a careful glance at the cold man. Even if such a ruthless look, he is still so handsome, so exciting. General Manager Zhao, it was my fault that I almost got Mrs. Zhao into trouble. Your excellency forgives me this time, regardless of the mistakes of the villains. I Apologize to you, if you have any request, I will do it. Not only Zhao Shilu, but also Feng Xinmin's face was cold. This Gong Tao looks like a gentleman. What he does is really not flattering. How can he bring a woman like Liu Jingjing over and say something that makes people fantasize. Zhao Shilu sneered, "Miss Liu, I remember the last time you slandered my brother-in-law.". What are you going to do this time? Today, for Mr. Gong's sake, I don't care about you, but I don't want to see you in the future. After that, regardless of Liu Jingjing's shaky and pitiful appearance, he moved aside without any trace. "Mr. Gong, I saw an acquaintance over there. Excuse me." Gong Tao smiled. "It's all a misunderstanding. Just find a chance to talk about it later.". General Manager Zhao, go and do your work. He watched Zhao Shilu leave and patted Liu Jingjing on the shoulder. "It doesn't matter. Keep working hard.". I like you. Man, who doesn't like to be loved by a beautiful woman. But some people like to pretend, some people don't like to pretend. Liu Jingjing was encouraged to laugh and her eyes were hot. Holding the cup tightly in her hand,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, she vowed to seize the opportunity and live up to Gong's good intentions. She wants to give back all the humiliation that woman brought to her. Really want to one day, oneself became Zhao Zong's woman, that surname Han also dare to be arrogant? Zhao Shilu, who strode away, told Feng Xinmin softly as he walked, "Let someone check it quickly. What happened to this Liu Jingjing?"? How could she know Gong Tao? In addition, I want to know the situation of Guanhai Company as soon as possible. Feng Xinmin bowed his head and turned aside to make a phone call. Zhao Shilu and other people are polite to greet, the waves are not obvious, a calm and calm. 88. Fight back Liu Jingjing is unwilling. Tonight is a good opportunity. If you don't talk to General Manager Zhao, you don't know when the next opportunity will be. And she is not stupid, even if Gong boss is friendly and understanding, she also knows that the other side will help her, ceramic bobbin heater core ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, is purposeful. This purpose, which is the same as her goal, is directed at General Manager Zhao. Biting her lip and showing what she thought was the most touching smile, she walked towards Zhao Shilu again. Gong Tao's eyes flashed a smile, which seemed to be clear and playful. Liu Jingjing looks like a beautiful woman with a small white flower, which is very suitable for some men. Girls who have just entered the university, even if they are not very beautiful, are green enough to attract many men who like to hunt for women. But these people do not include Zhao Shilu. When he felt Liu Jingjing coming towards him, his good-looking sword eyebrows could not help wrinkling slightly, and then he talked lightly with the people next to him. General Manager Zhao, Jingjing sincerely respects you and sincerely apologizes. "Yo, General Manager Zhao, when did you mess with the little beauty?" The man next to him was joking, rolling his eyes and looking like watching a good show. Zhao Shilu turned coldly, "Miss Liu, I don't accept your apology, and the person you want to apologize is not me.". You slandered my brother-in-law and almost put him in prison. Is it all right to say sorry? If you pester me again, I will call the police. Although we did not pursue your false accusation when the case was closed, I think the police station files clearly remember that the prosecution period has not yet passed, and we have the right to prosecute you. Liu Jingjing's face was white and her hands were shaking.
Gong Tao came over and smoothed things over. "General Manager Zhao, Jingjing is timid. She was frightened at that time. Don't scare her any more.". She really wants to apologize to you, so don't refute the face of the little girl. The audience turned around a few people and saw a sign that they were more interested. Miss Liu is an adult. Even if she is frightened, is her conscience broken? My brother-in-law was saving her from the violence of others, but she was afraid of the abuser and said that my brother-in-law was the abuser. This is a timid can explain it? At that time, we had a moment of pity and did not pursue it. Unexpectedly, Miss Liu later became a boyfriend and girlfriend with the abuser. If I had known my brother-in-law, I should have stayed out of my business. Up to now, Miss Liu still has the face to beg for my forgiveness. I don't know what her intentions are? I'm not a party. Why are you apologizing to me? Zhao Shilu is a cold appearance, coupled with the cold eyes, everyone can see that he did not have the slightest affection for Liu Jingjing. And this Liu Jingjing has been pestering him to apologize, obviously people know what is going on at a glance. Almost all the people who can appear here are rich and powerful. Women have seen a lot, and whether they have a purpose can be seen at a glance. A woman like Liu Jingjing, no matter how pure she pretends to be, is an ambitious woman in their eyes. General Manager Zhao is a talented young man who has the ability to make women obsessed. General Manager Zhao, I.. Looking for Han Li, he did not accept my apology, I have no way. "Oh, little beauty, this is your fault.". You can appear here, where is the person who has no way, I see your hands and eyes. General Manager Zhao is a serious man,ceramic igniter electrodes, so you'd better find someone else. The man watching the play said as he looked at Gong Tao. Gong Tao is a new face for the upper circle of Nancheng. People have an instinctive rejection of new faces. Liu Jingjing's white face turned red in an instant, and she looked like she had been poked in the center. In the end is still young, the face has not yet experienced to calm down.



» Bella_and_Edward » [!!] » I'm pregnant with the man's child.