It was not easy to get rid of those people, and Han Feng and Shirley got into a small pavilion in Lovers Lake. Letting go of Shirley's hand, Han Feng said, "Shirley, tell me what happened when I was not at school these days. Why did they suddenly become like this?" "Oh," Shirley said, holding the railing with both hands and looking at the rippling lake, "it's not because you're so good that they're all your FANS.". Uh. When did I have such a large group of FANS? This is not good, how to go to class in the future? It's not that exaggerated, is it? I don't seem to have done anything recently. Shirley turned around and asked, "You really don't know why?" Han Feng is very innocent: "I know still need to ask you?" "Professor Li Zhongwen of your college recently published a paper, which was published in both the American Journal of Science and the British Journal of Nature, and signed by two people, the other one is you.." Chapter 127-the beginning and end of fame. Han Feng looked at the school propaganda column this super-large propaganda good news, the heart does not know what feeling, he this time, is completely famous. As a matter of fact, Professor Li Zhongwen,Kamado bbq grill, based on his latest research results, wrote a scientific paper named What on Earth is a Neural Signal, and successfully published it on the famous British scientific journal Nature. Once the paper was published, it immediately attracted the attention of many scientists in neuroscience in Europe and the United States. Because Professor Li Zhongwen put forward a different argument from the traditional cognition in his paper, and gave sufficient evidence. Shortly afterwards, the American Journal of Science also paid special attention to the news,steatite c221, and wrote a commentary saying that "it is one of the most important discoveries at the beginning of this century" and "China's research in neuroscience has been at the forefront of the world.." Wait. This paper solves many world-class problems that have plagued the world for many years, especially quantifying the conduction of nerve impulses, and proposes a very accurate equation to mathematically prove the theory of "nerve solitary wave conduction". Many scientists in neuroscience say that if the research results are correct, it will greatly promote the process of human understanding. The British journal Nature and the American journal Science are both famous international scientific and technological journals in the world. Their purposes are very similar. They are to report and comment on the most important breakthroughs in the field of global science and technology, so that the public can know all the progress made in every branch of natural science knowledge in the world as soon as possible. It has been published for more than 100 years and has a great influence in the field of science. It is a great honor to be able to publish papers in any journal, not to mention that Professor Li Zhongwen's research results have received the attention of two journals and such high praise and praise. Many schools in China usually take the number of papers published by professors in scientific journals at home and abroad as an important basis for evaluating titles and bonuses. This time Professor Li Zhongwen made such a big noise, Shuimu school also felt that this was a great honor for Shuimu, so it carried out a big publicity. What is puzzling is that besides Professor Li Zhongwen, there is another person named "Han Feng" in the signature of this paper. Who is this man? Unexpectedly participated in Li Zhongwen's scientific research? At first, we did not know the details, thinking that this is called "Han Feng", is also an expert in the field of neuroscience, anyway, 10g Ozone Generator ,alumina c799, not Shuimu. You don't have to care. Who knows, soon there was a rumor in the Department of Neuroscience that this is Han Fengdi, a freshman in the undergraduate class of the Department of Neuroscience. It seemed a bit exaggerated, and the school did not believe it, but someone asked Professor Li Zhongwen about it. Originally just asked casually, but did not expect Li Zhongwen broke a big news, not only admitted that Han Feng is a freshman in our school, but also said that Han Feng played a very important role in this study.
Professor Li Zhongwen's words have aroused great concern in the university that freshmen can contribute to such world-class research success. And also "very important", the school realized that this is a case worth publicizing, very gimmicky, so it began to publicize this, posters, school websites. The school TV news even specially contacted the relevant media. A special report will be carried out at this time. With the school so actively add fuel to the flames, Han Feng's limelight is unique, he originally belongs to the kind of "transcendent existence" in the class. In addition to this incident, there was a crazy scene before. Although Professor Li Zhongwen said before that if he published a paper, he would definitely sign Han Feng's name, Han Feng had no opinion about it, after all, he had done his best in this matter, and it seemed too hypocritical for him to prevaricate on this matter. But what he didn't expect was that it would cause such a big reaction, which had seriously affected his campus life. Han Feng has not dared to think about it any more. If the matter of opening a company is dug out by everyone, what kind of result will it produce? After all, he did not deliberately hide anything about opening a company. It is a matter on the surface. If you are interested, you can find it out as long as you check it a little. After thinking about it, Han Feng decided to say hello to Professor Li Zhongwen first, and if he could remedy it now, he would try his best to remedy it. Not daring to go back to school, Han Feng took out his mobile phone from the drawer, which had been unused for a long time, and replaced it with a battery. As soon as I turned it on, my cell phone kept ringing. It was the sound of a text message coming in. After a while, the noise stopped, Han Feng looked and found that there were more than a dozen unread text messages. Read down one by one, found that most of them are due to others to call their own phone did not get through the resulting SMS notification, of which the number of calls at home is the most, followed by Professor Li Zhongwen, there is a strange number called several times, in addition, Liu Yueshuang also sent two text messages,Ceramic Bobbin, asking about the recent situation of Han Feng. Han Feng remembered that he had not contacted his family for some time, and he sighed that he really did not have the consciousness of being a son. Without further hesitation, Han Feng dialed his mother Yang Zhiqiu's phone.