Li Baichuan thought that Li Kui was angry and hurt his heart, but he hated Li Baihai even more. He said angrily, "Enough second child, don't say it. No matter how fierce Leng Shi is, we can't live without each other. Xiaomao is my palm treasure. I work hard to make money. Don't I just want her to live comfortably?"? If it were Xiaoxin, would you be willing to let your son-in-law keep a lot of lovers? Li Baihai immediately answered, "Brother, if my son-in-law is Leng Moting, I really don't mind at all." Depend on, Li Baichuan almost angry to death, pointing to Li Baihai said, "you really drill into the eyes of money, but I tell you, I will not wronged Xiaomao, I have decided to let her and Leng Moting break off marriage, you do not say anything." Usually the second brother has been silent in front of him, although he noticed that he was not right, but did not think that his three views have been crooked to the horizon, only to look at the money, really disgusting. Li Baihai did not have the words that Li Baichuan accused him at all in his mind at the moment, but only heard the four words "to break off the marriage". He gasped and got up hurriedly, but because he was too anxious, he was in a hurry and burned his hand by a cigarette butt. Li Baihai "hissing" snorted, regardless of the pain, hate iron not steel looking at Li Baichuan, "eldest brother, how can you casually say divorce, missed the good son-in-law Leng Moting, you will regret for a lifetime." Li Baichuan's head is almost smoking, "you shut up, if you continue to let Xiaomao and Leng Moting entangle, I will regret for a lifetime." "Then you don't have to break off the marriage!"! If you don't want it, I can let Xiao Xin come. "Bang!" Li Baichuan was so excited that he smashed the ashtray directly. Seeing her father gasping for breath, Li Kui patted her father on the back and said, "Dad, don't be angry." Li Kui hurriedly brought water to Li Baichuan to drink. Seeing that he was a little better, Li Kui looked at Li Baihai angrily and drank coldly. "Enough uncle,endless pool swim spa, you go out. You are shameless. We are shameless. My marriage with Leng Moting is settled. As for what you think, after we break off the marriage, you can do whatever you want. Now, please go out right away." Li Kui usually respect Li Baihai, she suddenly angry tear face, Li Baihai first confused for a second, then burning with anger. Yes! Yes! His niece dares to speak rudely to his second uncle. She really has no family education. Li Baihai opened his mouth and wanted to curse, but when he suddenly saw Li's eyes like a thousand years of ice, Li Baihai was frozen stiff and could not say anything. Get out Li Kui this sound, let Li Baihai feel that he is the mouse that meets the cat, at that moment, in his mind, only the word escape. After that, the people in the secretarial department saw Li Baihai running away, as if he were being chased by a ghost. This is not the most unfortunate, because the run too fast, Li Baihai did not stop, straight into the wall, the forehead was knocked out of a big bag. At that time, garden jacuzzi tub ,american hot tub, all the people in the secretarial department laughed to death, even if they did not make a sound, but the shaking shoulders still revealed their hearts. Out of a big scandal, Li Baihai also has no face to see people, directly hide back home, a few days do not come out. He didn't even ask about Li Kui's divorce. He just scolded Li Kui at home. Then he either took a bath when the water pipe burst, or went downstairs when the lights exploded, bad luck, until Li Baihai was not in the mood to scold Li, but everywhere to pray to God and Buddha, he was not so unlucky. Li Baihai blamed all his experiences on Li Baichuan and Li Kui, and there were a lot of things behind him. Chapter 8 the rich and powerful female partner wants to counterattack 8. As soon as Li Baihai made this trouble, Li Baichuan was very angry. Originally in Li Baichuan's heart, Li Baihai was regarded as the most important person besides Li Kui and her mother, but this time Li Baihai consumed the affection of the two brothers. Li Baichuan now, is really wish there is no Li Baihai this brother, although this is in anger, but even if the gas disappeared, with Li Baihai said, it is estimated that Li Baichuan will only treat him as an ordinary relative in the future. Dad, don't be angry. I will be distressed if you are angry with your body. With Li's soft words to persuade himself, Li Baichuan's anger gradually disappeared. But at this moment, Li Baichuan was still a little frustrated.
His favorite son-in-law is a white-eyed wolf, hurt the daughter's heart, his favorite brother is a selfish, everything is only for money, his vision is really bad? Li Kui did not know that Li Baichuan fell into self-pity and continued to persuade him, "Dad, the second uncle said his, what are you angry about?"? It's not worth being angry with people like him. If you hurt your body, my mother and I will be very worried. Thinking that the two women in the family were both delicate women, Li Baichuan immediately cheered up. He can't fall down. His wife and children still need to be protected by himself, so he must be good. Restored a little spirit, Li Baichuan looked at Li Kui with relief and said, "Daughter, Dad knows, don't worry." At the same time, he thought, sure enough, the daughter is intimate little cotton-padded jacket, warm heart! Li Wei confirmed that Li Baichuan was not angry, then sat back in the sofa and continued to play with his mobile phone. Soon, it was time for the press conference. As soon as Li Wei and Li Baichuan came on stage, a bunch of reporters either asked questions or took photos. Li Zong Li Zong, will Li Shi and Leng Shi definitely dissolve the marriage? "General Manager Li, if the two families are no longer married, will it affect the relationship between the two groups?" Li Baichuan first motioned for everyone to be quiet and sit down. Then he said, "Don't worry. Please come here today. The main thing is to talk about the marriage between the two groups." "At the beginning, it was Leng Moting who told me sincerely that he liked my daughter and would be good to him all his life, so I agreed to his engagement with my daughter!" "But!"! Feelings of this kind of thing, can not be forced, now since Leng Moting gave his love to another woman, then we naturally will not be forced. Speaking of this, Li Baichuan also smiled, "to say a vulgar word, three-legged men can not be found, two-legged men are everywhere, my daughter has a face and money, there is no shortage of a man." Reporters listened to Li Baichuan's words,hot tub spa manufacturers, looked at each other, Li Baichuan spoke so impolite, it seems that Li Shi and Leng Shi are really going to collapse.