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Reborn Daughter Misfortune Concubine

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"What do you little girl know?" Housekeeper Lin shook his head and said, "Wang Ye is young and vigorous. This time he was rejected by a woman. This is more shame than sadness. He must be thinking of ways to save it now." Jin Si followed Lin's eyes and looked in. He really didn't see any expression of shame and annoyance from the cold and quiet face in the room. He had to shrug his shoulders. Speaking of that Hong an princess is really some ability, this year unexpectedly still has the woman to be able to refuse Wang Ye. As butler Lin spoke, there was a trace of disbelief on his face: "But it's not right. The last time I was in the mansion, the young lady was clearly very vigorous. How could she shrink back when a good thing was just around the corner?"? Are you taking Joe? "Well, women always need to be coaxed. It must be that Wang Ye doesn't know how to coax people and scares other girls away." Jin Si was speechless and looked up at the sky as if he had not heard the garrulous words of Lin's housekeeper. It's just that it's impossible for butler Lin to shut up easily. He stroked his moustache. Butler Lin sighed and said, "Wang Ye is good at everything, but he has a bad temper.". When the master was alive, he was also like today's young master. He was unrestrained and unrestrained, and his style was unparalleled in the world. At that time, the master was Quan Dajin. No, his reputation had spread to other countries. He was a handsome man praised by everyone. The master's temper is much more lively than the young master's, especially when it comes to women. It's like a leaf in the flowers that doesn't touch the body. When I married my wife, how many daughters had to throw themselves into the lake. "Why is the young master not so close to women?" Asked butler Lin doubtfully? It's really very frightening in people's hearts. What are you afraid of? Even if you're scared, you can't help. Jin Si finally couldn't help saying, "Old Lin, don't worry about it.". Ah, now the master is in a bad mood, can avoid, be careful to draw fire on the body oh. "Of course I can help." Housekeeper Lin proudly straightened up his body,China spa factory, which was not very strong, and said confidently, "I'm not bragging. When I was young, I was not as elegant as the master, but I was also a handsome young man. At the beginning, there were many ladies in the family who loved me, but I didn't like the vulgar powder. Until now, I haven't seen a suitable person who can communicate with me.". Youth is fleeting. "Jin Si had no choice but to make an expression of wanting to vomit,whirlpool bathtub, and his eyes swept lightly over Lin's wrinkled old face, silently turning his head away." What kind of expression is that? Lin butler felt that his self-esteem had been strongly insulted and protested. Outside the movement is naturally a sound did not fall to the ears of Xiao Shao, he looked down at the tea at hand, long eyelashes meekly hanging down, calm posture, hidden in the dark of a few dark guard is the atmosphere also dare not make a sound. Although he was as leisurely and elegant as before, his whole body emitted a kind of cold air that "the king of Japan is in a bad mood today and so on.". Obviously, Uncle Xiao Meiren was angry, and perhaps a little depressed. Today Xiao Shao was Jiang Ruan refused to marry within a quarter of an hour then spread throughout the Royal Guards, Royal Guards have for Xiao Shao against injustice, their master so talented appearance, Hong An princess also look down on? No vision! In fact, although Uncle Xiao had a little discomfort in his heart, he did not have the impulse to seek death because of this matter. Although he was very pitiful in the eyes of the Royal Guards, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor whirlpool tub, Xiao Shao was thinking about one thing at the moment. The dark guard has been sent to check, the news is still no different from the usual. But Jiang Ruan's words are still in his ears, full of hateful vows, sarcastic smiles, still hidden in the depths of secrets and hatred. But nothing can be found, as if there is a hand to erase all the traces of Jiang Ruan's past, but Jiang Ruan's past is so simple, as if those traces exist in another world. There is no love and hate for no reason in the world. Yi Baoge has all kinds of information, but he can't find the secret of Jiang Ruan. Xiao Shao frowns slightly. As soon as the Royal Guards looked at it, they thought Xiao Shao was still upset about refusing to get married. After thinking about it, Jin Er finally mustered up his courage and jumped down from the beam: "Master, the young lady may be frightened. The master doesn't have to be so depressed. Just say it a few more times. The subordinates see that the young lady is somewhat different from the young master.". As the saying goes, a good man is not afraid of failure and must try more.
"Nothing." Xiao Shao looked at his sleeve, and the gold thread embroidered in the moire brocade was hidden in the dark and cold cloth, reflecting a faint luster. She doesn't have to agree, just give the marriage. Lin butler, who was eavesdropping on the crack of the door, could not help but be moved to tears. Ah, his young master finally had the charm of a master in those days. A man should be so strong! Heart-breaking! In the Cining Palace, sandalwood curls up, and the hall is filled with a peaceful fragrance, which makes people's impetuous mood calm down. On the bright red soft satin cushion, Empress Dowager Yide's posture was lazy, but her eyes were as sharp as a knife. She looked at the gentle and gentle girl sitting on one side, with a touch of thought in her expression. Aunt Yang stood silently on one side, and the atmosphere in the hall was a little strange. Hong An, Ai Jia is here to ask you what you mean. Are you willing or unwilling? Just the words have been said very clearly, Jiang Ruan will be given to the king of Jinying is the imperial concubine, with Jiang Ruan's origin, in fact, has been considered high. Xiao Shao held heavy military power and won the trust of the emperor, even more noble than several princes. Besides, my appearance is not bad, and Fengyi is outstanding, and my military strategy is very good, everywhere is the Lord of the stars holding the moon. Although Jiang Ruan is now a princess, but also a false name, behind the Jiang family has now declined, and the Zhao family in the end is the ancestral family. Jiang Ruan looked at Yide Empress Dowager, Yide Empress Dowager eyebrows are still as peaceful as before, but the eyes are with a sharp. Although that tone is to discuss, in the end there is no choice for her. She lowered her eyes, silent in her heart, Xiao Shao actually used such a method of forced buying and selling, but people do not know whether to laugh or cry. But there is no feeling of anger. Jiang Ruan knew that marrying into Jinying Wangfu at this critical juncture was indeed the best choice,jacuzzi bath spa, at least in comparison, Jinying Wangfu could give her greater shelter than other places. She opened her mouth with a smile and said, "Hong An doesn't dare to climb up. It's all up to the emperor's grandmother. It's just that the engagement now will bring trouble to Jinying's palace." 。



» Bella_and_Edward » [!!] » Reborn Daughter Misfortune Concubine